Material Characteristics (GLP)

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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Laboratory tests performed according to GLP conditions

- The path to recognized material data

Since over 20 years we are an independent test facility certified according to the principles of "good laboratory practice (GLP)". GLP is an internationally recognized quality management system for non-clinical studies. The quality of our studies and reports is continuously monitored by external inspectors. Thus, you get data acknowledged world-wide which you can use as a basis for your registration of chemical products.

Our range of services includes the determination of physico-chemical data, ranging from measurements of very small vapor pressures (up to 10-3 Pa) by vapor pressure balance (A.4.) to the oxidising properties (A.21.) tested in autoclave chambers to the analysis of abiotic degradation as a function of pH (C.7.).

Our range of services according to GLP conditions:

  • Studies in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 440/2008

  • Studies according to OECD guidelines

  • Studies according to CIPAC methods

  • Studies in accordance with biocidal products  and plant protection products regulations

  • Preparation of statements due to material properties etc.