Project Management

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530

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Project Management made by SIEMENS

What are the key factors?

A project is a strategic plan defined by a contract, involving a project-specific organization and characterized by the uniqueness of its objectives and its limitations regarding costs, timing and personnel (DIN 69901).

Project management comprises the entirety of executive and organizational functions and the techniques and measures required for a methodic and contract compliant execution of a project. This includes a continuous management of the project quality, the associated risks, potential conflicts and prospects, and necessary changes.

Siemens Engineering & Consulting offers well trained and Siemens-certified project managers with a high level of professional expertise and social skills. In order to achieve a joint project success, our project managers structure the project sequence and events into manageable, standardized project phases along with the corresponding project steps and work packages.

Specific tools allow for the continuous monitoring of costs, target dates and quality targets. Changes and deviations are quickly countered with the introduction and execution of appropriate measures leading to a win-win situation for the customer and contractor.

The key success factors are clear project procedures ("phase model" and "milestones"), the definition of explicit responsibilities ("roles") with comprehensible objectives for all parties involved as well as an always open and binding communication.

Project Management according to PM@Siemens:

  • Project kick-off and clarification

  • Custom-made project management

  • Clear definition of the processes and roles

  • Contract management

  • Continuous project controlling

  • Continuous risk analysis

  • Continuous quality management

  • Training and ongoing professional development of the project personnel

  • Securing of teamwork and communication

  • Acceptance and handover of documentation

  • Project completion

  • Warranty

Your advantages for a successful project:

  • Certified, experienced project managers

  • Systematic and integrated project structure

  • Coordinated and defined project tasks

  • Identification and minimization of project risks at an early stage

  • Safeguarding of your budget

  • Optimization of the project activities

  • Fast response times

  • A high degree of flexibility, transparency and sustainability

  • Efficient organization, communication, coordination and execution

  • Extensive process design expertise as well as an established engineering know-how covering the entire life cycle of a plant