Conceptual Design

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Wolf Heiser 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84629

Conceptual Design

The involvement of Siemens in a project begins with the Conceptual Design Phase with provision of the best technological solutions for customer specific requirements at optimized costs

Whether new construction or modification of an existing production plant or optimization of existing processes projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry owing to their complex and demanding boundary conditions require profound preparation.  This is a major prerequisite for technically as well commercially successful realization of your venture.

The aim is to achieve a high accuracy with regard to feasibility in spite of reduced degree of details.

With us project work begins effectively in the Conceptual Design Phase itself. Within our scope of planning activities we

  • create feasibility study

  • work out technical and commercial analyses of process steps and determine the optimal production process

  • clarification of open points

  • show elaborate technical and commercial examination

  • do risk assessment  for new untested solutions

  • analyze, calculate and take account of criteria like quality of location, economic viability and estimated  extent of investment costs

  • fix process parameters and requirements

  • examine existing process design

  • work out suggestions for future operation and plant concept

  • calculate first mass, energy and material balances

  • create preliminary specifications of most important key equipment

  • develop concepts for automation and building technology

  • show possible logistic options

  • examine infrastructural connections at the future location

  • examine your existing  documentation for applicability in later planning phases

  • support you in early discussions with authorities to lay out a roadmap

  • support you in finalizing of adequately defined overall concept ensuring technical advancement
    estimate investment and operation costs with a -20 to 50% accuracy

This systematic approach by Siemens enables a dependable basis for your investment decision and with that an important prerequisite for sustained success of your project and its continuation.

The aim in this project phase is to show and to document how far the technical; market and commercial; organizational, judicial and political requirements are fulfilled for a project at the intended location.

At the end of the examination we enable you to take a reliable and comprehensible decision regarding continuation, modification or termination of the project.

The quality of subsequent planning phases is predominantly governed by the quality of the result from the conceptual design phase. In addition it helps in shortening of the project realization phase thus saving time and costs. Leading companies of the chemical industry are already benefiting from this value addition with Siemens as partner by their side.

As a Siemens customer you benefit from the large number of experts that help you find a quick solution for all problems regarding feasibility of your project. Be it investment costs, choice of location or production logistic- we possess the know-how and have access to extensive databases. Owing to our expertise in First-of-Its-Kind plants, we can show and evaluate various process alternatives. This array of competences sets us apart from our competitors- to your advantage.

The Conceptual Design builds a solid foundation for the start of Basic Design.