Brownfield projects

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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Brownfield Projects

Increase in plant productivity and flexibility through redesign of process structure with maximum utilization of existing boundary conditions

Along with new construction projects, modification and expansion of existing plants and also subunits of existing production sites presents unique challenges for plant designers. Experience shows that the number of related projects is many times more than new construction ventures, mainly initialized by process optimizations, debottlenecking and revamp measures.

Most of the times in a brownfield engineering project (also termed as “near to production planning”) the existing facility is not available in digital format, which leads to additional efforts in detail engineering and also imminently to errors. By using 3D-laser scanning systems, existing production facilities can be digitalized and visualized in a point-cloud model that is true to details. By mesh rendering of surfaces (transformation into 3D model) an accurate representation of the production facility is created.

Moreover planning and installation of piping including pipe supports presents peculiar challenges for piping discipline. If new plant components have to be integrated in the existing building with consideration of available equipment, surprises are preprogrammed in steel structure. In order to avoid cost intensive adjustment during installation as much as possible, it is indispensable to realistically identify protruding edges and collisions by means of laser scanning and if possible to use flexible installation systems in place of welded constructions.

Challenges in a brownfield project:

  • Installation during running operation and in certain cases in explosion zone conditions

  • Inadequately as-built documents and many interference checks

  • In particular cases steel structure sections with non-standard dimensions

  • Utilization of cramped (partially old) infrastructure plants as well as equipment in an existing building

  • The wish by the plant owner/operator  to have minimal shut-down time which leads to high deadline and time pressure

  • Increased safety and coordination efforts during installation

We work out solutions to expand and modify your production facilities cost effectively and successfully. By detailed shut-down planning on the basis of work packages we reduce required discontinuation in operation to a minimized level and create a basis for a subsequent successful construction management. We achieve this aim by deployment of eligible specialists based on our special know-how as former Hoechst Engineering with decades of experience in near to operation modification planning of chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Siemens Engineering Services for brownfield projects covers alongside typical methods of basic and detail engineering also

  • Laser scanning, 3D-modeling and collision check

  • Shut-down planning

  • Definition of work packages

  • Procurement activities

  • Installation coordination and support (Field Engineering)

  • Commissioning support

  • De-commissioning planning and support (Field)

  • As- built end documentation