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Engineering & Consulting

Engineering & Consulting

Engineering & Consulting (EC) belongs to the Process Industries and Drives division of the Siemens AG. We offer plant and process engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries.
We originate from the former Hoechst AG - today we deliver our service worldwide. We would be happy to support you with experienced experts and flexible teams during the preparation and execution phases of your projects. Contact us, we are eager to talk to you about your needs.

Who are we and how can we help you?

Siemens Engineering & Consulting is a well-known, experienced supplier of plant and process engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries.

We offer services for the early life cycle phases of production plants and laboratory facilities.

You as a customer profit from our holistic view, our excellent know-how and our professional methods, which we have developed as a result of our long-standing experience.

We render our services worldwide! - Wherever you need us.

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