Reasonably priced components represent a decisive competitive advantage, especially for the construction of series machines. In this field, users often use control software that they have developed themselves. For various reasons, such as performance, flexibility and cost, the individual application is then implemented on standard PCs or in-house developed embedded systems. 
The PROFINET Driver supports in-house developers in implementing these PC-based / embedded PROFINET applications. It requires no special hardware since the standard Ethernet interface is used to this.



The PROFINET Driver is suitable for simple applications, e.g. individual PROFINET lines in which the machines are not networked with one another. Because the PROFINET Driver is shipped as source code, proprietary solutions can be ported into various operating systems. In the delivery ready portings arecontained for Windows and Debian Linux.
The hardware configuration could be made comfortably and licence-free via the TIA Portal. However no engineering tool (such as TIA Portal, STEP 7) is mandatory necessary; since the application could be configured by means of an open XML interface.
The PROFINET Driver supports PROFINET with real time (RT) and, when using a real-time operating system, achieves cycle times of as little as 1 ms.

Overview of the functions of version 1.1

  • PROFINET Controller

  • Cycle time to 32 ms at use of Windows and till 1 ms at use of a real-time operating system

  • Quantity structure: 16 devices for Windows, 128 devices for Debian Linux

  • Standard implementation for Debain Linux with RT patch and Windows

  • Fast Start Up

  • RT advanced startup

  • Shared device

  • Licence-free engineering with TIA Portal V13 SP1

  • Option handling

  • Remanent store of MIB2: programming of diagnose possible

  • Automatic address adaption

  • Adaption of device and Vendor ID

  • Including six standard examples for machine builder incl. C-Code and Step 7 V13 SP1 projects


The PROFINET Driver is made available as source code on CD-ROM, including a development license. It also contains some sample application for Windows and Linux, specially for machine builders. Microsoft Visual Studio is required for development. The use of the compiled runtime software of the PROFINET Driver requires one runtime license for each copy. To verify possession of the runtime license, a license label must be affixed to each PC enclosure. These adhesive license labels are available in different quantities.

PROFINET Driver licensing

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