SIMATIC Power Rail Booster

 Connection of a PROFIBUS DP through a contact wire

The power rail booster supports connection of a PROFIBUS DP through a contact wire, such as can be implemented on monorail conveyors or high-bay storage and retrieval systems, thus ensuring continued use of the wide range of PROFIBUS DP system services, such as diagnostics and PROFIsafe safety engineering through a bus.

Area of application

By transferring the PROFIBUS DP signal via collector wires using signal boosting, new, low-cost concepts based on standard components can be implemented for electric monorail systems or stacker crane systems.


  • The device for low-cost PROFIBUS DP transfer over contact conductors and slip rings to degree of protection IP20

  • Transparent for data communication:The power rail booster does not reserve DP addresses

  • Easy to install due to connection without terminating resistor and filter element

Design and function

For safe data transmission of the PROFIBUS DP signals via the contact conductors, the signal levels are raised to an interference-immune level and injected into the contact conductors. With permissible and  self-optimizing baud rates from 9600 bit/s to 500 kbit/s, a maximum busbar length from 25 m at 500 kbit/s to 1200 m at 9600 bit/s can be realized. Up to 125 nodes per segment are possible, uninterruptible communication beyond segment limits is achieved by  using the "PRB segment controller". The Power Rail Booster is configured with PRB Checker software. It features diagnostics LED for power supply, bus activity and group errors.

Technical Data

SIMATIC Power Rail Booster

Supply voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

max. 20 W

Data transmission rate, max.

500 kbit/s, self-adjusting

Cable length (depends on baud rate), max.

1200 m

Shock-hazard protected voltage

Yes, to EN 61131-2

Stations per PRB segment, max.


Operation without terminating resistance


Operation without filter


Wiring options: Line / star

Yes / Yes

Dimensions (W x H x D, with connector) in mm

90 x 132 x 75