PROFIBUS ASICs and Development Kits

Support for PROFIBUS development


The PROFIBUS ASICs facilitate the connection of third-party components and systems to the PROFIBUS fieldbus.

Quick response times for the PROFIBUS DP, which are required for transmission rates of up to 12 Mbit/s, can only be achieved by using these ASICs. Various ASICs are available for different functional needs and applications.

  • Master-ASICs

  • Intelligent Slave-ASICs

  • Slave ASIC with processor core

  • Simple Slave-ASICs

  • ASICs for signal conditioning and conversion to other media


Development Kits

The development kits let you develop and test PROFIBUS hardware and software applications that use PROFIBUS ASICs or interface modules (IM). The comprehensive hardware and software components of the packets are tuned to one another, and significantly reduce the development overhead for a PROFIBUS device. The packages feature a functional development environment, which is able to accept your special hardware and software requirements. Consequently our PROFIBUS know-how is made available to others.
The interface center ComDeC will offer professional support.