PROFIBUS components

Integrated communication

With more than 50 million nodes installed worldwide, PROFIBUS is the world's leading field bus for integrated communication from cell to the plant-floor level. PROFIBUS is used in production automation, the process industry, and in explosion-hazardous areas. SIMATIC offers a broad range of PROFIBUS network components.

PROFIBUS standard interfaces allow you to connect peripherals to your systems quickly and easily. SIMATIC offers network components for both electrical and optical transmission technology via PROFIBUS. ASICs and development kits also support the development of third-party PROFIBUS devices

Power Rail Booster

The power rail booster supports connection of a PROFIBUS DP through a contact wire, such as can be implemented on monorail conveyors

PROFIBUS Diagnostics

The SIMATIC ET 200 I/O systems offer powerful, multi-level diagnostic systems for faults that occur in the control system


The PROFIBUS ASICs facilitate the connection of third-party components and systems to the PROFIBUS fieldbus.