Analog and digital Expansion modules and Power modules

Electronic modules

8-channel electronic modules can be combined with the 8 x M12 or 4 x M12 connection modules. This gives you the choice of single or dual assignment of the M12 sockets. A wide variety of different sensors and actuators can therefore be connected to the electronic module without the need for additional accessories such as Y connectors or Y leads. This not only reduces the wiring but also the costs for accessories and parts inventories.

Digital electronic modules with 4, 8 and 16 channels for 24 V and 4-channel analog electronic modules are available for voltage, current, and resistance thermometers.

ET 200pro station with PROFINET Interface module and standard and Failsafe I/O modules

Digital Electronic Modules

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Digital inputs

Digital outputs

Hybrid modules

Analog Electronic Modules

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Analog inputs

Analog outputs

Power modules

Power modules allow load groups to be built up as required by supplementary supply from the load power supply. In this case, the same connection techniques (direct connection; M12, 7/8"; ECOFAST) are available as for the power supply of the complete station. More than one load segment can be integrated into a single station.

In the interface and in each power module, built-in fuses ensure that nether total failure of all load groups nor damage outside the station can occur.

The following power modules are available:

  • The PM-E 24 V DC power module is used for supplementary supply or grouping of the 24 V load voltage for electronic modules within an ET 200pro station.
     Article No.: 6ES7148-4CA00-0AA0

  • The PM-O DC 2 x 24 V power module serves to extract the 24 V load voltage 2L+ and electronic/encoder supply 1L+ within an ET 200pro station.
    Article No.: 6ES7148-4CA60-0AA0