Compact, intelligent motor starters

The intelligent ET 200pro motor starters are used for starting and protecting motors and loads of up to 5.5 kW. They are available as Standard and High Feature electromechanical motor starter and High Feature electronic motorstarter versions.

SIMATIC ET 200pro station with  Motor Starters

The electromechanical motor starter is switched with conventional contactors and is offered as direct or reversing starter with optional 400 V brake control. The electronic motor starter is equipped with semiconductor switching elements and is therefore especially suited for applications with high switching frequencies. This high feature device not only handles the direct on/off switching of motors with high switching frequency, but also fulfills the additional function of a full-fledged soft starter for a soft start-up and stoppage. The conversion from motor starter to soft starter is achieved using simple re-parameterization in SIMATIC Manager.

ET 200pro High Feature motor starters
The High Feature motor starters differ from the Standard motor starters in that they have more parameters and feature four parameterizable digital inputs. Parameterization is easy and convenient to carry out using the SIMATIC Manager.

The motor starters ET 200pro feature high functionality with a small footprint, as well as simple and fast configuration and installation – and they increase the availability of production plants.

ET 200pro safety motor starters
ET 200pro safety motor starters, which are specially developed for applications without control cabinets, provide a very economical safety concept solution. Depending on your requirements, we offer: Local safety motor starter solutions for local safety-oriented solutions with a standard PLC. And: Safety motor starter solution PROFIsafe for use with safety-oriented control using PROFIBUS or PROFINET.