Modular and multifunctional distributed I/O system with degree of protection IP65/67

SIMATIC ET 200pro is an especially small, extremely rugged and high-performance I/O system with IP65/66/67 degree of protection. It comprises Interface Modules to connect with PROFIBUS or PROFINET environment with standard as well as failsafe functionality. 
Interface modules are also available with CPU functionality. ET 200pro is characterized by a comprehensive range of modules: power modules, digital and analogue I/O modules, motor starters, frequency converters and an RFID module enable the most flexible response to automation requirements.
Due to its rugged design the ET200 pro can be used when mechanical load is high. Hot swapping of electronics and terminal modules during operation increases plant availability.

SIMATIC ET 200pro Station

Area of application

Due to its comprehensive range of modules the ET 200pro can be applied in the most versatile industries. It is employed when a system with a modular design is needed directly at the machine even under harsh envoironmental conditions.
The ET 200 pro IWLAN is especially well-suited for overhead monorail conveyors, automated guided vehicle systems, building management and warehouse logistics.


  • Comprehensive range of modules

  • Modular design with a small footprint

  • CPU functionality (based on S7-1500 and S7-300)

  • Integration of safety technology

  • Flexible connection

  • Comprehensive diagnostics

  • Selective load group formation

Design and function

The modules of the ET 200pro usually have two or three components. Interface and power modules as well as digital and analog expansion modules comprise:

  • one bus connector which constitutes the backplane bus of the system

  • one electronics module or interface module

  • one connecting module

The ET 200pro Interface Modules offer flexible connection options and techniques. In addition each PROFINET Interface Module offers an integrated 2-port- switch which enables the easy construction of line structures. In case of service, the IM can be replaced without using a programming device –the device name and parameters remain on the module. Due to the separation of mechanics and electronics, permanent wiring is possible. This permanent wiring allows exactly one electronics module to be hot-swapped in the event of a fault without having to switch off the whole station.