Digital and analog input/output modules

2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel digital and analog input/output modules are available for the ET 200iSP. The digital and analog process signals are matched to ET 200iSP via these electronics modules (EM).

The electronics modules support the connection of HART process devices andall generally available EEx i valves and therefore offer flexible application possibilities. The process signals are connected via the terminals of the associated terminal modules with either screw-type or spring-loaded connection. All EMs are designed as the EEx i "intrinsically safe" modules and can be easily replaced under Ex conditions (hot swapping).

The output modules have a special input for fail-safe deactivation

  • H deactivation (active high)

  • L deactivation (active low)

External actuator deactivation is often required in plants in the event of evacuation or an emergency. L deactivation also ensures wire-break monitoring.The digital output modules permit load-free switching of the digital outputs.

Digital electronic module 2 DO Relay

For the connection of certain actuators such as solenoid valves, hydraulic valves, DC contactors and indicator lights, signals with an increased current load are often required. In order to connect such devices, there is a relay module 2 DO Relay with two outputs and each with 2 A output current. The contacts are NO contacts with galvanic isolation from the supply voltage.