Failsafe I/O Modules

The three new failsafe modules of the ET 200iSP fulfill the high safety requirements in accordance with the relevant standards such as IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 or PLe.
Applications such as Emergency Shutdown or boiler protection, for example can be implemented without the use of ex-barriers. Additional calculation of the SIL, which was necessary for ex-barriers, is therefore also no longer required.
Of course, the Safety Integrated principle also allows the fast and easy integration of the failsafe modules into existing ET 200iSP systems.

SIMATIC ET 200iSP with failsafe I/O Modules

For failsafe applications, ready-made library blocks approved by the German Technical Inspectorate are available in the Step 7 option package Distributed Safety or F Systems.

The ET 200iSP uses the intrinsically safe PROFIBUS to communicate with an assigned CPU. By means of PROFIsafe, communication of the failsafe signals is carried out over the same line as the standard communication.

Product overview

The folowing three modules are available:

  • Safety-related, digital module 8 F-DI Ex NAMUR
    8 channels, up to SIL 3, PLe, pulse stretching, 1oo2 evaluation possible on module; FW update via network

  • Safety-related, digital module 4 F-DO Ex 17.4V/40mA
    4 channels, up to SIL 3, PLe, parallel connection of outputs, Energize To Trip [ETT] diagnostics, last valid value; FW update via network

  • Safety-related, analog HART module 4 F-AI Ex HART
    4 channels; up to SIL 3, PLe, HART communicationV7.0; FW update via network