Distributed I/O for hazardous areas

The SIMATIC ET 200iSP distributed I/O system is the economical solution for areas subject to explosion hazards. The intrinsically safe, modular I/O station is particularly flexible and requires minimum engineering, installation and cabling overhead.

Area of application

The SIMATIC ET 200iSP is typically used in production facilities of the process industry and offers optimum integration into PCS 7 and other control systems. The intrinsically safe I/O system is suited for direct installation in areas subject to gas or dust explosion hazards, i.e. in Zone 1 and 2 as well as in Zones 21 and 22; sensors and actuators may be located directly in Zones 0 and 20.
For the SIMATIC ET 200iSP comprehensive standards and approvals are available.

SIMATIC ET 200iSP -Approvals and certificates


  • Individual configuration and flexible expansion thanks to modularity

  • Module replacement during operation (hot swapping) and Configuration in Run possible

  • Connection of signals to HART standard without any restrictions in functionality

  • Comprehensive diagnostic options simplify commissioning and troubleshooting

  • Condensation-resistant modules in a temperature range from -20° to +70°

  • Full PROFIBUS and power supply redundancy

Design and function

The ET 200iSP is comprised of one terminal module for the power supply unit as well as the relevant power supply module in degree of protection EEx d (explosion-proof enclosure), one terminal module for the PROFIBUS interface module with the relevant interface and termination module.Furthermore up to 32 electronics modules can be used in one ET 200iSP station. The electronics modules used are mechanically key coded on first use.

In the areas subject to explosion hazard, PROFIBUS must be managed with intrinsic safety by means of a suitable fieldbus isolating transformer (RS 485IS coupler).

The ET 200iSP is installed in just a few steps: snapping the terminal modules onto the rugged andwell-proven S7-300 standard rail, prewiring without electronics modules with spring-loaded and screw-type terminals, simply plugging in the power supply, interface and electronics modules.

The new AC Power Supply with a voltage range of 85 -264V facilitates a substantially reduction of the power cable’s wire size. This leads to cost reductions for the cable material and simplifies the wiring. Furthermore a transformer for the otherwise needed 24V power supply can be saved. 24V and 230V versions of the power supply are mixable in one ET 200iSP station. Furthermore in fault-tolerant solutions, two power supplies can be configured redundantly.