Outstanding usability

A profitable automation solution is always easy to install and to use. SIMATIC ET 200SP takes usability to a higher level.

Easy station setup

Easy station Setup

Modules and plug boxes can be exchanged during operation. User assembly error of the modules is prevented by the mechanical coding of the peripheral modules with the associated BaseUnit, which minimizes downtime.

Fast wiring

Fast wiring with ET200 SP

The new design and push-in clamps make wiring and disconnection of cables easier than ever. The user requires only a screwdriver for disconnection of cables.
The connections are gastight and therefore corrosion-resistant.

Maximum transparency

Labeling system of ET200SP

SIMATIC ET 200SP combines small dimensions with maximum clarity, due to a well-designed identification system. The color-coded labels simplify the assignment of the wires to the terminals and identify the potentials of an I/O module. The machine-printable reference ID labels identify each individual system component and the labeling strips ensure plant-specific identification of the channels.
The order number and serial number of the system component can be read by scanning the 2D matrix code. Using the free Service & Support App from Siemens, technical data such as manual, firmware and FAQs can be retrieved. .

Engineering in the TIA Portal

Engineering in the TIA Portal

SIMATIC ET200SP can not only be configured with SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional in TIA Portal, but also with STEP 7. TIA Portal integrates the entire automation software into one consistent engineering environment – control, visualization, safety engineering, technology and drives. The shared services such as network configuration, high-speed online functionalities and automatic system diagnosis are required for all these automation components. For this purpose, TIA Portal offers a uniform and intuitive user interface as well as consistent system behavior for all automation tasks.
For the application, this means a greater engineering efficiency.

Replaceable bus adapters

Replaceable bus adapter

SIMATIC ET 200SP offers the choice of connection technology for PROFINET through its bus adapters (BA). The BA 2xRJ45 enables the connection with familiar RJ45 plugs. The BA 2xFC enables highest system availability through constant vibrations even in the case of spontaneous jerks because the PROFINET cables are connected directly in the bus adapter. The usability is further increased through the easily replaceable bus adapters.

Reliable diagnosis

Reliable diagnosis

SIMATIC ET 200SP continuously gives the user detailed information about the system status. Channel-specific diagnosis is achieved via the signal generation on the I/O module, for which no additional engineering is necessary. This feature makes monitoring and maintenance not only easier, but also more reliable. Further diagnostic information can be read out with the engineering system, for example SIMATIC STEP 7 v5.5 or SIMATIC STEP 7 V11 (TIA Portal). In addition, SIMATIC ET 200SP has an easily accessible and self-holding measuring probe. This remains inserted in the device and allows the simultaneous presence of several test probes (multi-probe)

Simple configuration

SIMATIC ET 200SP can be configured and ordered using the TIA Selection Tool configurator. The configurator includes wizards for selecting the required devices. Configurators are also used for selecting modules and accessories and for checking their correct function. In addition, the configurator has interfaces for exporting ordering lists to the shopping cart of the Industry Mall for simple ordering, into the engineering system for reducing the hardware configuration and to the project documentation as a PDF document.