A new generation of Distributed I/O

The SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system is a scalable and highly flexible, distributed I/O system for connecting process signals to a central controller via PROFINET.
The SIMATIC ET 200SP is installed on a mounting rail and generally comprises:

  • an interface module, which communicates with all of the controllers that behave according to the PROFINET standard IEC 61158,

  • up to 64 I/O modules, which are plugged into passive base units in any combination

  • a server module, which completes the structure of the

The distributed I/O system is particularly easy to operate, and with its compact design it achieves maximum economy in the control cabinet. The SIMATIC ET 200SP communicates via PROFINET. Their high speed and transmission rate ensure significantly greater performance than conventional systems.

Functional safety is certified in accordance with EN 61508 will be reached with the failsafe modules F-DI,F-DQ, F-PM-E until SIL 3/PL e.

Area of application

SIMATIC ET 200SP is a multi-functional distributed I/O system for various application areas. Thanks to the scalable structure, you can align the I/O station on-site to the exact needs. SIMATIC ET 200SP is approved for IP 20 degree of protection and designed for use in a control cabinet.


Easy to use

Compact design

High performance