Valve island AirLINE SP (Type 8647) from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

For use in ET 200SP, the valve island AirLINE SP (type 8647) is available for a wide variety of pneumatic functions.
The valve island is a product of our product partner* Bürkert Fluid Control Systems and can only be obtained from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems. It can be used together with system and IO components of the ET 200SP distributed I/O system.

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Area of application

Valve islands are widely used in industrial automation, and serve as pilot valves for controlling actuators in the food, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries. The ET 200SP, in combination with the AirLINE SP, type 8647, from Bürkert, forms a universal interface between process and plant control, and enables the flexible, modular structure of pilot valves and I/O modules.
The valve island can also be attached to a control cabinet floor with an AirLINE Quick Adapter, which further reduces the space required in the control cabinet, and significantly simplifies the pneumatic installation.


The pneumatic system offers the following advantages:

  • High process safety by using non-return valves and pneumatic infeed modules with pressure monitoring

  • System-wide detailed diagnostics in plain text, and also locally on an LC display

  • Quick and easy valve replacement during operation (hot swapping)

  • Reduced number of components in the control cabinet (compact control cabinet is possible)

  • Quick installation & configuration of the pneumatic connections

More information

For more detailed information about the AirLINE SP, type 8647 (for example, the data sheet & operating instructions), contact the Bürkert company directly:


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