SIMATIC ET 200SP - Interface Modules

The ET 200SP is connected to the bus system via the interface module. Either PROFINET interface modules or PROFIBUS interface modules can be selected.
The interface module exchanges data between a higher-level controller and the I/O modules.

Interface modules to PROFINET

With the PROFINET interface module, the variable BusAdapter can be easily plugged into the interface module, which allows the connection technology via PROFINET to be freely selected.

The following versions for connecting to PROFINET are available:


Article No

IM155-6PN Standard


IM155-6PN Standard


IM155-6PN Basic


IM 155-6PN High Feature


IM 155-6PN High Speed


Interface module to PROFIBUS

With the PROFIBUS interface modules, the DP connector is a PROFIBUS connection via a 9-pin sub D socket. The following module is available for connecting to PROFIBUS:

IM155-6DP High Feature
PROFIBUS interface module, max. 32 I/O modules
Article No.: 6ES7155-6BA00-0CN0