SIMATIC ET 200SP Technology Modules

Optimal performance with decentralized technology tasks

Technology modules provide hardware-near signal pre-processing for fast counting, measuring and position detection for different encoders as well as for the precise output of pulses.
Technological functions, such as Motion Control or High Speed Counter, are already integrated in the CPUs of the SIMATIC S7-1500 and can be configured via STEP 7.
Modules are available for:

  • Counting and Measuring

  • Positioning

  • Weighing and Dosing

  • Cam and probe applications

  • Charging control

TM Count 1x24V Counter Module

The technology module TM Count 1x24V for 24 Volt input signals is a universal counter module for counting and measuring tasks as well as position input with incremental encoders. The module offers measuring functions for velocity and frequency as well as signal acquisition up to 200 kilohertz and is suitable for sophisticated tasks, for example, in the packaging, food or paper industry.

  • Supported encoder/signal types:
    - 24 V incremental encoder with and without signal N,
    - 24 V pulse encoder with direction signal,
    - 24 V pulse encoder without direction signal,
    - 24 V pulse encoder for forward & backward pulses

  • Max. counting frequency 200 kHz
    (800 kHz with quadruple evaluation)

  • Integrated DI: 3 digital inputs for control of the counting process, for saving or setting the values

  • Integrated DQ: 2 digital outputs for fast reaction depending of counter reading or measured value

  • Counting functions: Settable counting range up to +/- 2^31 bits

  • Measurement functions:
    Flexible adjustment of measurement time and selectable output unit

  • Integrated 24V-voltage supply for encoders

  • Position measurement for Motion Control in S7-1500 from STEP 7 V13 (TIA Portal)

  • Support for sensor technology (FW V1.3)

  • Diagnostic interrupt:
    For example in case of errors at the load voltage or encoder

  • Configurable hardware interrupt

  • Supported system functions:
    Isochronous mode, firmware update, identification data I&M

  • Functional and control interface are compatible to the ET 200MP unit TM Count 2x24V and allow change between the S7-1500/ET200 MP and ET 200SP periphery

Article No.: 6ES7138-6AA00-0BA0

TM Posinput 1 Counter and position tracking module

The ET 200SP TM PosInput 1 counting and position detection module offers a counting channel for differential input signals according to RS422 up to 1 MHz, as well as position detection with the aid of SSI absolute value encoders.
The connection of 5V TTL signals is also possible for the counting function.

  • Connection of SSI absolute value encoders
    - Frame lengths from 10 to 40 bits
    - Position values up to 31 bits
    - Forwarding of encoder status information

  • Counting of different signal shapes of the count signal
    - 1-track count signal, e.g. for counting products or detecting flow or energy volume
    - 2 separate count signals for forwards and backwards, e.g. for detecting the content of a container
       with inflow and outflow
    - 1 count signal with an additional direction signal
    - 2 tracks with 90° phase offset, optionally with zero track for detecting positions with incremental

  • Measuring functions for Measuring frequency, period length and speed in selectable unit

  • Integrated 24 V power supply for the encoders

  • 2 digital inputs
    - for fast control of the count process by means of a HW gate
    - for saving the count value
    - for setting a count value due to an event

  • 2 digital outputs for high-speed responses
    - depending on the counter value or position value
    - depending on the measured value

  • Position detection for Motion Control in S7-1500 from STEP 7 V13 (TIA Portal)

  • Support for probe technology (FW V1.3)

  • Process alarm parameterizable

  • Supported system features: sparing stroke operation, Firmware-update, Identification data I&M

  • The functionality and operator interface are compatible with the S7-1500 TM PosInput 2 module and allow simple switching between the I/O families S7-1500/ET200 MP and ET 200SP.

Typical applications:

  • Detection of positions

  • Detection of speeds

  • Detection of product lengths

  • Dosing of fill quantities

  • Application of adhesive beads

  • Measurement of workpieces

Article No.: 6ES7138-6BA00-0BA0

TM Timer DIDQ 10x24V Time-based IO Module

The time-based IO module ET 200SP TM Timer DIDQ 10x24V fulfills the highest demands for precision and speed, independent of the controller performance and the fieldbus.
Time-based IO assures that the signals are read-in and output precisely - to within 1 microsecond!

The units are very suitable for the usage of the cam, cam track and probe technology.

  • 4 digital inputs with the following functions::
    - Up to 8 digital inputs with the following functions:
    - Up to 2 time stamps per cycle
    - 32x oversampling
    - Counting function up to 50 kHz
    - 1 Incremental encoder acquisition with 2 phase-shifted traces
    - Enable-function for in-and outputs of digital stamps

  • 6 digital outputs with the following functions:
    - Up to 2 time stamps per cycle
    - 32 x oversampling
    - Pulse width modulated output

Typical applications:

  • Exact definition of reaction times, independent of application cycle

  • Cam controller

  • Probes

  • Length measurement

  • Dosing of fluid quantities

  • Time measurement

Article No.: 6ES7138-6CG00-0BA0

TM Pulse 2x24V - Control of proportional valves and DC-motors

TM Pulse 2x24V provides 24V pulses with a current of up to 2A (on two channels) respectively 4A (one channel). Thereby the signal pattern can be flexible defined for a precise control of shift valves, a variable control of proportional valves, for DC-motors or other actuators. The maximum output frequency is up to 100 kHz depending on the demanded current.
The module provides different operating modes:

  • PWM: pulse width modulated output signal, e.g. for direct control of a proportional valve, on demand with an overlaying dither signal for better loop control, optional with current control.

  • DC-Motor operation without further power unit, speed control by
    PWM-signal for both directions

  • On/Off delay: signal pass-through of digital input to digital output with the possibility of adjusting µ seconds exact delay of rising and falling edge

  • Pulse sequence output with defined number of pulses

  • Single Pulse output with exactly defined length, optional started by the digital input

Further features

  • Two independent parameterized and controllable channels

  • Exactly planned output sequences

  • Load reduction of the CPU in case of requirements for short reaction times, module can react directly on digital input

  • Adjustable, short response times lead to higher machine speed without higher performance requirements to the CPU

  • Direct control of actuators up to 4A

Article No.: 6ES7138-6DB00-0BB1

Electrical Charge Controller TM ECC 2xPWM ST

SIMATIC Electrical Charge Controller are the key components in infrastructure solutions for the conductive charging of electric vehicles.

They perform the following functions:

  • Detection of the charging cable and its permissible current carrying capacity

  • Transfer of the maximum charging current from the charging station to the electric vehicle

  • Evaluation of the status signals from the electric vehicle:
    - Ready for charging
    - Charging
    - Charging with ventilation

  • Control of load tap-off

  • Control of connector lock

  • Evaluation of connector lock or load contactor status

Cost-optimized, space-saving charging infrastructure solutions due to compact design based on SIMATIC ET 200SP.
Control of charging outputs according to IEC 61851 by parameterizable SIMATIC ET 200SP TM ECC 2xPWM ST charge controller

Article No.: 6FE1242-6TM10-0BB1

Weighing module SIWAREX WP321

The weighing electronic SIWAREX WP321 is a technology module for the distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP.

  • Compact design with flexible weighing technology

  • Seamless integration into SIMATIC

  • Individual weighing applications

  • High speed, resolution and accuracy

Article No.: 7MH4138-6AA00-0BA0