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SIMATIC ET 200SP Communication Modules

More flexibility and performance due to additional communication options

Whether you are looking for a PROFIBUS Master/Slave, a master for the lower level fieldbus systems or a module that allows direct point-to-point communication, the ET 200SP communication modules enhance flexibility and performance of automation solutions within a decentralized architecture.

CM DP - PROFIBUS DP-Master/-Slave

The CM DP module extends the CPU 1510SP-1 PN / 1512SP-1 PN to include a PROFIBUS DP interface at up to 12 Mbit/s. Which enables either a lower-level or a higher-level PROFIBUS DP line to be established.
This has the following advantages:

  • Offloading of the central controller by means of distributed preprocessing

  • CPU 1510SP-1 PN or CPU 1512SP-1 PN possible in standalone mode as DP master

Communication options of the ET 200SP-CPU via CM DP module:

  • As master for PROFIBUS DP according to IEC 61158/EN 50170 for 125 DP slaves at bandwidths of 9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s

  • As intelligent DP slave for higher-level PROFIBUS DP master

  • Communication with programming devices and HMI devices

  • Communication with other SIMATIC S7 systems

  • Communication with SIMATIC S5 programmable controllers

Article No.: 6ES7545-5DA00-0AB0

AS-Interface Master

This AS-i master enables simple field devices to be integrated into the scalable distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP. For safe AS-i in- and outputs there is also a > failsafe module available.


  • Good scalability also for AS-i applications thanks to modular design

  • Compact dimensions (by far our smallest AS-i Master)

  • Extensive diagnostics options

  • Single and multiple networks for small to complex plants

  • Expandable for AS-i Safety

Technical features

  • AS-i Master according to specification V3.0

  • 62 nodes per AS-i Master

  • Transmission of I/O signals in the process image comparable to PROFINET

  • Integrated analog value processing

  • AS-i cable diagnostics

Article No.: 3RK7137-6SA00-0BC1

IO-Link Master

The SIMATIC ET 200SP IO-Link Master is based on the current IO-Link specification V1.1, which enables the consistent storage of the IO-Link device parameters in the master. This means that when a device is being replaced, the current parameters are automatically transferred to the new IO-Link device – without additional effort by the user. The special feature of the SIMATIC ET 200SP IO-Link Master module: not only the device parameters are saved automatically, but also the master parameters. This makes replacing a module, whether master or device, possible without a programming device and without backing up the data.

  • Single-wide (15 mm) ET 200SP electronic module

  • Max. cable length to the IO-Link device: 20 m

  • 4 IO-Link ports per module

  • Max. 32 bytes of input and 32 bytes of output data per module;
    individually adjustable with S7-PCT

  • Supports I&M data

  • Supported transfer rates: COM1, COM2 and COM3

  • Operating modes per channel: IO-Link, SIO or deactivated; adjustable with S7-PCT

  • Supports Device und Master replacing without additional engineering effort

Article No.: 6ES7137-6BD00-0BA0

CM PtP: Serial communication via point-to-point connection

For direct connection of automation components via serial interface

  • Connection of old and third-party systems

  • Connection of data reading devices or special sensors

  • Various physical interfaces on one module, e.g. RS232 and RS422 or RS485

  • Predefined protocols, e.g. 3964(R), Modbus RTU or USS

  • Application-specific protocol generation based on Freeport (ASCII)

  • Max. transfer rate of 115.2 kbit/s

  • Max. telegram length of 2 kbyte, at least 2 telegrams can be buffered on the module (4 kbyte)

  • Wiring via ET 200SP standard base unit type A0

Article No.: 6ES7137-6AA00-0BA0

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