The powerful IO system for compact control cabinets

The innovative I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP convinces through maximum usability, particularly compact design, and impressive performance.SIMATIC ET 200SP is the result of a global exchange with users from all industries. We have thought of everything and optimized a lot of features in terms of their practical suitability. As a result, we made it easy to use in terms of installation, configuration, and diagnosis.

SIMATIC ET 200SP at Goebel

System overview

Discover how the most versatile SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system sets benchmarks in usability, compactness and performance.


For SIMATIC ET 200SP, interface modules with integrated CPU and PROFINET connection are available. The functionality of the CPUs corresponds to that of the SIMATIC S7-1500.

Interface modules

The interface modules connect the I/O system to PROFINET or PROFIBUS and exchange data between the higher-level controller and the I/O modules.

Bus Adapters

Some interface modules of the SIMATIC ET 200SP have a universal PROFINET interface for BusAdapters. With the appropriate BusAdapter, the type of connection can be adapted to the requirements of the respective application.

Communication Modules

Communication modules increase the communication capabilities of the SIMATIC ET 200SP through additional communication functions or more interfaces.

Signal Modules

Scalable and cost-optimized configuration of a ET 200SP station is achieved by a comprehensive portfolio of Signal Modules: Choose among 30 digital or analog In- and Output modules.

Failsafe I/O Modules

With the SIMATIC ET 200SP, safety-related communication is also possible via PROFIsafe. The safety modules for digital inputs and outputs (DI and DQ) correspond to the standard modules with respect to their size.

Technology Module

Technology modules offer hardware-level signal pre-processing for rapid counting, measurement and position registration for a variety of transducers.

Motor starters

The ET 200SP motor starter completes the system. Controlling, switching, starting or monitoring – the ET 200SP motor starter offers complete reliability.


The valve island AirLINE SP (Type 8647) from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems provides a system for pneumatic control of actuators in ET 200SP design.


Power Supplies

SITOP Power Supply for ET 200SP

Regarding design and functionality, the original power supplies of the SIMATIC integrate optimally into the PLC network.