SIMATIC ET 200MP Technology Modules


Technology modules offer hardware-level signal processing for rapid counting, measurement and position registration for a variety of transducers as well as for the precise output of pulses.

Technological functions such as motion control and high speed counter are already integrated in the SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs and plannable via STEP 7 (TIA Portal)


  • Rapid signal preprocessing for counting and measuring tasks in the high-speed range

  • Position detection for incremental and SSI absolute value encoders

  • Easy to use parameter assignment interface already integrated in SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal)

  • Efficient programming using technology objects

  • Fast reactions due to different hardware interrupts for internal/external events and count values

  • Reaction of modules to "CPU stop" can be configured

  • Can be operated centrally in the S7-1500 and distributed in the ET 200MP I/O system

Product range

The following Technology Modules for ET 200MP or S7-1500 are available:

TM Count 2x24V Counter Module

The technology module TM Count 2x24V for 24 Volt input signals is a universal counter module for counting and measuring tasks as well as position input with incremental encoders. The module offers measuring functions for velocity and frequency as well as signal acquisition up to 200 kilohertz and is suitable for sophisticated tasks, for example, in the packaging, food or paper industry.

  • Supported encoder/signal types:
    - 24 V incremental encoder with and without signal N,
    - 24 V pulse encoder with direction signal,
    - 24 V pulse encoder without direction signal,
    - 24 V pulse encoder for forward & backward pulses

  • Max. counting frequency 200 kHz (800 kHz with quadruple evaluation)

  • Integrated DI: 
    digital inputs for control of the counting process,
    for saving
    or setting the counter values

  • Integrated DQ:
    2 digital outputs for fast reaction depending on counter reading or measured value

  • Counting functions: Settable counting range up to +/- 2^31 bits

  • Measurement functions:  Flexible adjustment of measurement time and selectable output unit

  • Diagnostic interrupt: For example in case of errors at the load voltage or encoder

  • Integrated 24V power supply for the encoders

  • Position detetction for Motion Control in the S/-1500 from STEP 7 V13 (TIA Portal)

  • Support for the technology object measuring probe (from FW V1.3)

  • Configurable process alarm

  • Supported system functions:  Isochronous mode, firmware update, identification data I&M

  • The function and the operating interface are compatible to the ET 200SP module TM Count 1x24V and allow an easy change between the peripheral families S7-1500/ET 200MP and ET 200SP.

Article No: 6ES7550-1AA00-0AB0

TM Posinput 2 Counting and Position Detection Module

The ET 200MP TM PosInput 2 counting and position detection module offers two counting channel for differential input signals according to RS422 up to 1 MHz, as well as position detection with the aid of SSI absolute value encoders.
The connection of 5V TTL signals is also possible for the counting function.

  • Connection of SSI absolute value encoders
    - Frame lengths from 10 to 40 Bit
    - Position values up to 32 Bit
    - Forwarding of encoder status information

  • Counting of different signal shapes of the count signal
    - 1-track count signal, e.g. for counting products or detecting flow or energy volume
    - 2 separate count signals for forwards and backwards,
      e.g. for detecting the content of a container with inflow and outflow
    - 1 count signal with an additional direction signal
    - 2 tracks with 90° phase offset, optionally with zero track for detecting positions with incremental encoders

  • Measuring functions for Measuring frequency, period length and speed in selectable unit

  • 2 digital inputs per channel
    - for fast control of the count process by means of a HW gate
    - for saving the count value
    - for setting a count value due to an event

  • 2 digital outputs per channel for high-speed responses
    - depending on the counter value or position value
    - depending on the measured value

  • Integrated 5V or 24 V power supply for the encoders

  • Position detection for Motion Control in S7-1500 from STEP 7 V13 (TIA Portal)

  • Support for the technology object measuring probe (From FW V1.3)

  • Parameterizable process alarm

  • Supported system functions: clock-synchronized operation, firmware update and identification data I&M

  • The functionality and operator interface are compatible with the ET 200SP TM PosInput 1 module and allow simple switching between the I/O families S7-1500/ET200 MP and ET 200SP.

Typical applications:

  • Detection of positions

  • Detection of speeds

  • Detection of product lengths

  • Dosing of fill quantities

  • Application of adhesive beads

  • Measurement of workpieces

Article No. 6ES7551-1AB00-0AB0

TM Timer DIDQ 16x24V Time-based IO Module

The time-based IO module ET 200MP TM Timer DIDQ 16x24V fulfills the highest demands for precision and speed, independent of the controller performance and the fieldbus.
Time-based IO assures that the signals are read-in and output precisely - to within 1 microsecond!

The modules are particularly suitable for the use with the technology objects cam, cam track and measuring probe.

  • Up to 8 digital inputs with the following functions::
    -  Up to 8 digital inputs with the following functions:
    - Up to 2 time stamps per cycle
    - 32x oversampling
    - Counting function up to 50 kHz
    - Incremental encoder acquisition with 2 phase-shifted traces
    - Enable function for digital time stamp inputs or outputs

  • Up to 16 digital outputs with the following functions:
    - Up to 2 time stamps per cycle
    - 32 x oversampling
    - Pulse width modulated output

  • Various combinations of digital inputs and outputs can be configured:
    - 0 digital inputs /16 digital outputs (for cam applications with many outputs)
    - 3 digital inputs /13 digital outputs (for configurations similar to FM 352)
    - 4 digital inputs /12 digital outputs (for flexible mixed operation)
    - 8 digital inputs / 8 digital outputs (for probes and incremental encoders)

Typical applications:

  • Exact definition of reaction times, independent of application cycle

  • Cam controller

  • Probes

  • Length measurement

  • Dosing of fluid quantities

  • Time measurement

Article No.:6ES7552-1AA00-0AB0

TM PTO 4 Interface Module for PTO (Pulse train Output)

With this module it is possible to control stepper motor drives or servo drives with PTI interface. Supported are 24V asymmetrical, RS422 symmetrical and 5V asymmetrical as signal interface. It is particularly suitable for control with an axis technology object of the SIMATIC S7-1500.
The module offers 4 identical channels with the following characteristics:
PTO interface for output of position and velocity information on various interfaces

  • 24 V asymmetrical up to 200 kHz

  • RS422 symmetrical (5V differential signal) up to 1 MHz

  • TTL (5 V) asymmetrical up to 200 kHz

The signal type can be selected between:

  • Pulse/direction: The pulse signal determines the speed and driving distance, the direction signal determines the direction.

  • Count forward / count backward: one signal outputs the pulses in forward direction; the other signal outputs the pulses in reverse direction.

  • Incremental encoder A/B phase-shifted: 2 tracks are output whose signals are phase-shifted by 90°. The direction, the distance and the velocity can be determined by the signal sequence. It can be selected whether a full period stands for 1 increment or whether all 4 flank changes are to be counted.

The output pulses are counted internally and reported to the CPU as the current actual position.

Depending on the configuration, additional functions are available for controlling an axis:

  • Digital output for issuing the enable signal for starting the drive

  • Digital input as input for reading in the “drive ready” message of the connected drive

  • Digital input as reference point switch for synchronizing the axis with the mechanics

  • Digital input as measuring probe input for flying measuring tasks during movement with the technology object measuring probe

The module is particularly suitable for connection to a technology object in the SIMATIC S7-1500 and S7-1200. This provides a consistent solution for PTO functionality in the compact CPUs of the S7-1500 and S7-1200.
The following technology objects are supported:

  • Synchronous axis

  • Positioning axis

  • Speed axis

  • Measuring probe

Article No.:6ES7553-1AA00-0AB0

SIWAREX WP521 ST and WP522 ST Weighing Modules

The two technology modules are the perfect solution for the seamless integration of standard weighing applications like platform or hopper scales in SIMATIC S7-1500.
The technology module is available in single and dualchannel variants. SIWAREX WP521 ST is the single-channel option for one scale while the dual-channel SIWAREX WP522 ST enables two separate scales to be integrated into the automation system - with same space requirements.

Integrated in SIMATIC S7-1500 all advantages of the automation system can be used. The free “ready-for-use“ application helps to create fast and easily customer and application specific solutions


Integration in automation systems

SIMATIC S7-1500/ET 200MP
Other Systems via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP

Communication interfaces (on board)

SIMATIC S7-1500 system bus
Per channel 1x RS485 (Modbus RTU, remote display)
Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP,SIWATOOL)
Per channel 4x digital outputs (24V DC)
Per channel 3x digital inputs (24V DC)

Internal resolution

Up to +/- 4 million parts

Measuring rate

100/120 Hz

Typical applications

Basic scales, e.g. platform and hopper scales
gravimetric level measurement of silos and hoppers

Article No:

SIWAREX WP521 ST: 7MH4980-1AA01
SIWAREX WP522 ST: 7MH4980-2AA01