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Highest performance

Fast communication via PROFINET and direct shielding at the module are just two examples for performance and ruggedness of the ET 200MP.

Communication with PROFINET

SIMATIC ET 200MP Kommunikation

PROFINET is the Ethernet standard of automation: flexible, efficient, and powerful. Hence, PROFINET is the basis for the strong performance of SIMATIC ET 200MP. The optimally equipped rear panel bus of SIMATIC ET 200MP is perfectly matched to communicative interaction with PROFINET and makes possible outstandingly fast reaction times.

Consistent shielding concept

ET 200MP Schirmungskonzept

The direct shielding of the analog signals right at the module considerably increases the robustness against external interference. A further improvement of robustness is achieved by the separation of signal lines and DC24V supply lines. Required shielding elements come enclosed with the SIMATIC ET 200MP module and do not need to be ordered separately. All this facilitates installation and logistics, saves time and reduces the potential for error during wiring.