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Effective Footprint

Scalability and a high channel density despite a small footprint characterize the ET 200MP

High channel density

ET 200MP Kanaldichte

SIMATIC ET 200MP is strikingly compact thanks to its high channel density. Each module can comprise up to 32 channels – at a maximum configuration of up to 30 I/O modules. Even with such a high degree of channel density, it is easy for a specialist to maintain control. This is facilitated by consistent module and diagnosis LEDs in direct 1:1 assignment to terminal and labeling.

Variable expandability

ET 200MP variable Erweiterbarkeit

The distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200MP is flexibly scalable. A mechanical slot encoding ensures the unambiguous assignment of module and front connector. This prevents errors during installation and module exchange.

Maximum transparency

SIMATIC ET 200MP Übersichtlichkeit

The 1:1 assignment of the terminal to the SIMATIC ET 200MP status LED and the labeling enable an unambiguous and fast wiring check during commissioning. Moreover, the unambiguous identification of signals is possible during operation. Identification and assignment in the case of diagnosis are also ensured this way.