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Outstanding usability

With regard to usability and handling the new SIMATIC ET 200MP sets the benchmarks

Simple configuration and ordering – with the TIA Selection Tool

SIMATIC ET 200MP are easy to configure and order using
the TIA Selection Tool. Six configuration steps make selecting and compiling parts lists easy and convenient:

  • General: Station data as well as a graphical presentation of the configured station

  • Module selection: Guided module selection with suggestions for choice

  • System data: Display of station size, weight, number of modules, load voltage, parameters, etc.

  • Accessories: Guided selection of the required accessories (module-specific or station-wide)

  • Load group distribution: Graphical representation of the potentials within a SIMATIC ET 200 station

  • Parts list: Automatic generation of a parts list makes ordering easier

Easy station configuration

ET 200MP Einfacher Stationsaufbau

SIMATIC ET 200MP has a distributed architecture: with a modular, scalable station architecture based on the I/O modules of SIMATIC S7-1500. The modules feature little parts variation. The front connector is also uniform for all 35 mm-wide components. The 15 mm top-hat rail integrated in the rail enables standard components to be mounted. The bottom line: installation, ordering, logistics, and spare parts management become considerably easier,
which helps save time and costs.

Fast wiring

ET 200MP Verdrahtung

The secured position of the front connector is like a “third, helping hand” in station wiring. In this position, the front connectors can be prewired in a convenient manner. The front door of the I/O modules comes with a second locking position for cables with a thicker insulation as a standard.  This adjustable cable storage makes possible easy closing of the front cover even with larger cable diameters, and, thus, safe operation
thanks to an uncluttered application.

Reliable diagnosis

SIMATIC ET 200MP Diagnose

The diagnosis of each single channel by means of the common uniform SIMATIC LEDs enables the fast and precise identification of process faults. The electrician can recognize straight away, which sensors or actuators are to be changed, and even less trained staff can perform quick troubleshooting. This reduces plant downtime to a minimum and improves the availability of the plant.