SIMATIC ET 200MP / S7-1500 IO - System overview


The perfect supplement for your Advanced Controller

The ET 200MP I/O system in IP20 degree of protection is scalable and is used both as centralized I/O and in distributed configurations with PROFINET or PROFIBUS.
Each station can accommodate up to 30 I/O modules. The modules have low parts variance and the front connector for all 35-mm wide modules. As a result, ordering, logistics and spare-parts inventory are considerably simplified.

Area of Application

SIMATIC ET 200MP is a modular, distributed I/O system that can be used in a wide variety of applications. SIMATIC ET 200MP complies with IP 20 degree of protection and is intended for installation in a control cabinet.


Benefits of ET 200MP

Simple application

Compact design

High Performance

Design and function

The modules of the SIMATIC ET 200MP have low parts variance and the front connector is identical for all 35mm-wide modules. The small footprint enhances utilization of control cabinet space. The uniform 40-pin front connector simplifies ordering and spare-parts inventory.
The I/O system can be organized in a scalable and versatile manner using the self-assembling backplane bus.

A mechanical slot coding system guarantees a clear assignment of module and front connector. This prevents incorrect wiring due to an incorrect front connector. This protect modules against damage during replacement. The modules also feature electronic short-circuit protection.

The module's front connector has a prelatching position in which it is not yet is connected to the power supply. The front connector can be comfortably wired in this position. Rewiring and troubleshooting are possible during runtime.

SIMATIC ET 200MP allows a clear overview even with high channel density. The one-to-one arrangement of the module and diagnostic LEDs to terminal and label help here – even when the module is fully wired. Furthermore, the "expandable cable storage space" ensures that the station has a uniform appearance in the control cabinet even when larger cable cross-sections or wires with thicker insulation are used.

The diagnostics of each individual channel allows fast and clear identification of process errors. The module and channel status are displayed uniformly and in plain text – regardless of the module type. Errors are displayed for each specific channel, allowing them to be quickly located and eliminated. Plant standstills are thereby reduced to a minimum.