SIMATIC ET 200MP /S7-1500 Communication Modules

Serial communication via point-to-point connection and IO-Link Master

Interfaces for communication via PROFINET and in part PROFIBUS DP as well are already integrated in the S7-1500 CPUs.
Communication modules increase the communication capabilities of the S7-1500/ET 200MP providing additional communication functions or more interfaces.

Communication modules enhance flexibility and performance of automation solutions using the SIMATIC S7-1500/ ET 200MP. Additional interfaces enable realization of complex automation structures or process optimization through connection to the enterprise management level.
Within a decentralized architecture with SIMATIC ET 200MP PtP Communication Modules are employed, the serial interfaces can be used to connect e.g. barcode or RFID readers for non-contact data transmission.

Four communication modules are available for connecting automation components via serial interfaces.

  • Connection of legacy and external systems possible

  • Connection of data readers or special sensors

  • Can be used centrally and in decentralized ET 200MP peripheral system

  • Variety of physical interfaces, e.g. RS232 and RS422 or RS485

  • Predefined protocols, e.g. 3964(R), Modbus RTU or USS

  • Application-specific protocols based on Freeport (ASCII)

  • Uniform programming interface for all modules

  • Diagnostics alarm for simple fault remediation

Module overview

Basic and High Feature Modules with various interfaces:

Communication module

Article No.





CM PtP RS422/485 BA


CM PtP RS422/485 HF


IO-Link Master

The SIMATIC ET 200MP 8 Port IO-Link Master is based on the current IO-Link specification V1.1, which enables the consistent storage of the IO-Link device parameters in the master. This means that when a device is being replaced, the current parameters are automatically transferred to the new IO-Link device – without additional effort by the user.

The special feature of the SIMATIC ET 200MP IO-Link Master module: not only the device parameters are saved automatically, but also the master parameters. This makes replacing a module, whether master or device, possible without a programming device and without backing up the data.

  • Suitable for the connection of up to 8 IO-Link devices (three-wire connection) or 8 standard sensors

  • IO-Link Master according to IO-Link specification V1.1

  • Supported transfer rates: COM1, COM2 and COM3

  • Max. 32 bytes of input and 32 bytes of output data per module; individually parameterizable via S7-PCT or also directly in the TIA Portal

  • Master backup with "IO_LINK_MASTER_8" function block

  • Support for firmware update of IO-Link devices

  • Supports I&M data

  • Operating modes per channel: IO-Link, SIO or deactivated; adjustable with S7-PCT or TIA Portal

  • Supports Device und Master replacing without additional engineering effort

Article No.: 6ES7547-1JF00-0AB0