SIMATIC ET 200MP / S7-1500 Signal Modules


Scalability, performance and usability

The signal modules or I/O modules provide the interface between the controller and the process. The controller detects the current process status by means of the connected sensors and triggers the corresponding actuator reactions.

The digital and analog modules provide exactly the inputs/outputs that are required for the respective task. They can be used both centrally, i.e. directly on the CPU, as well as locally in the ET 200MP I/O system. 25 mm and 35 mm modules are available.

The analog modules possess expanded functions like oversampling, measuring range adjustments or scaling of measured values.

Scalability allows customized and cost-effective implementation of the application

  • Modules available with different numbers of channels and functionalities

  • Increased function density for compact design and reduced number of variants

  • U-connector with self-assembling backplane bus

  • Space-saving installation of additional components possible on mounting rail

Maximum system performance for fast processes and very high control quality

  • PROFINET IRT for isochronous mode with clock rates up to 250 μs

  • Digital input modules with very short input delay of 50 μs

  • Analog modules with conversion time of 62,5µs  rsp. 125 µs for 8 channels

  • Universally usable analog input module with independent characteristic linearization for temperature measurements and threshold monitoring (two high and two low limits); very simple stocking of spare parts, as all measurement types and measuring ranges are combined in one module

Increased functionality, more efficient diagnostics through the systematic use of PROFINET

  • Channel-selective diagnostic alarms support faster troubleshooting and thus minimize plant downtimes

  • Channel-selective diagnostic LEDs on the module and one-to-one mapping to the channel indicate to the service technician the precise path to the location of the fault. They thus insure fast detection and correction.

  • Electronic rating plate that is readable for clear identification of all modules; fast and clear identification of the module in a service scenario, for example

  • Easy evaluation of channel diagnostics, independent of diagnostic interrupts, through the use of the value status (QI; Quality Information)

  • Integration of simple counting functionality with the High Feature digital input modules allows cost-effective implementation of simple counting tasks (DI16x24VDC HF; DI 32x24VDC HF)

Cost savings in the control cabinet through intelligent product design

  • All modules can be used centrally (S7-1500) and distributed in the
    ET 200MP I/O system

  • Uniform 40-pin front connector for all modules either with screw type or, optionally, push-in terminals

  • Same signals always on the same pin, i.e. schematic macros created once can be used again at any time, wiring errors are

  • Fast and simple connection of sensors and actuators to the efficient SIMATIC TOP connect system cabling

  • Integrated potential bridges simplify wiring

  • Scalable cable stowage compartment creates space for wires with thick insulation

  • Pre-latch position allows prewiring without electrical connection

  • Mechanical slot coding prevents mistakes when plugging and swapping modules

  • Imprinted wiring scheme allows wiring without additional documentation

  • Direct creation of the labeling strips from the TIA Portal; no additional tools are required; double entry of absolute addresses and tag names is avoided

Robust design ensures trouble-free plant operation

  • Shielding is already integrated; all required components are included and do not have to be ordered separately. System is installed without tools and requires no additional installation space

  • The modules of the ET 200MP / S7-1500 IO are also available as SIPLUS version with extended ambient conditions, e.g. extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C

Investment protection

  • Continuous firmware update keeps modules permanently up to date and ensures that investment is always well protected. New functions can be optionally retrofitted in existing hardware

  • S5/S7-1500 I/O adapters allow an easy transition from S5 systems to the S7-1500. The field wiring can remain. Gradual commissioning and shadow or parallel operation of S5 and S7-1500 are possible.

Safety Integrated

The failsafe S7-1500 /ET 200MP I/O modules allow the processing of safety related as well as standard programs. Their functional safety is certified in accordance with IEC 61508 (2nd Edition). They are designed for safety-related use up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849.