The New PROFINET Truck Is Coming

Since February 2016, the PROFINET truck kicks off its next tour through Europe. Experience firsthand at your location the unique Ethernet standard with new functions and an interactive presentation.

PROFINET on tour

On tour throughout Europe: the PROFINET truck

On tour throughout Europe: The PROFINET truck will present the central themes associated with using PROFINET for automation and will introduce the associated components and solutions from Siemens.

PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet Standard, stands for flexibility, efficiency, and performance in Industrial Communication. PROFINET is proving itself on a daily basis in a wide variety of automation applications around the world. With the leading open Industrial Ethernet Standard, users from industry can master steadily growing requirements and individual challenges.

Since February 2016, the PROFINET truck kicks off its next European tour. The truck focuses on PROFINET functions and applications. You will learn more about how you will benefit from using PROFINET, how to integrate PROFINET in factory and process automation through the TIA Portal and SIMATIC PCS 7, and what our current products can do.

With PROFINET on tour:

  • TIA Portal


  • SIMATIC S7-1500 and ET 200SP




  • SCALANCE X / W / M / S

  • SINEMA Server

  • SIMATIC Ident



Application examples in the PROFINET truck

In the new truck, PROFINET becomes an experience: Using numerous interactive application examples and animations, you will learn how you will benefit from PROFINET.

Network structure

PROFINET’s flexible network structure is made possible through the use of different topologies and the I-Device function.

Flexible design

A variety of topologies, such as line, star, tree, and ring structures, are all easy to implement


Real-time communication between multiple controllers in one PROFINET network


With PROFINET, maximum speed, precision, and simultaneous standard TCP/IP data transmission result in maximum performance.

Speed and precision

Isochronous mode and short cycle times

Open communication on one cable

Additional standard TCP/IP data transmission

Functional safety

On PROFINET, functional safety with PROFIsafe provides for the safe operation of moving machine parts.

Safety via wireless

Transmit safety signals wirelessly with PROFINET and Industrial Wireless LAN

Safe motion monitoring with Safety Integrated

Access control and safe motion monitoring can be used with certified devices


PROFINET diagnostics offer different types of access and fast error localization. In addition, devices can be replaced during operation.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Fast and comprehensive error diagnostics

Device replacement

Simple device replacement during operation with automatic address assignment


Through media redundancy, PROFINET ensures communication in the event of line interruption, for example during equipment maintenance and failures. Featuring complete integration in TIA, the SITOP uninterruptible power supply provides a reliable 24 V power supply even in the event of a power failure.

Media redundancy MRP

Redundant signal transmission ensures communication and system availability

Seamless media redundancy MRPD

Duplicate signal transmission ensures communication and system availability

Intelligent power supply

24 V uninterruptible power supply – communicates via PROFINET reliably and safely even in the event of power failure


Wireless communication with IWLAN supports communication with mobile machine parts, thereby reducing maintenance costs. RFID systems and code reading systems ensure the seamless traceability of components and processes.

Industrial Wireless LAN

Flexible and secure data transmission without trailing cables

Identification systems

Tracking & Tracing and production control with SIMATIC Ident

Energy efficiency

PROFINET increases energy efficiency with PROFIenergy. This feature makes it possible to conserve energy by switching off unneeded devices during pauses.

Conserve energy with PROFIenergy

Switch off unneeded devices during breaks

Cascaded concepts

Optimal energy management with PROFIenergy in different energy conservation modes

Vertical integration

PROFINET shows vertical integration from offices to the production world. Industrial Security protects automation cells through the cell protection concept and offers secure remote maintenance with extended access protection.

Industrial Security concept

The Industrial Security concept offers protection from unauthorized accesses and manipulation, both for individual production cells or in the case of remote accesses

Process technology

PROFINET is integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 and protects investments through the seamless connection to systems such as PROFIBUS PA and HART.

Integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 and PROFIBUS PA/ HART

Investment security through the integration of PROFINET in SIMATIC PCS 7 as well as in PROFIBUS PA and HART systems

Monitoring through the Safety Matrix

Safety Lifecycle and Engineering Tool