Siemens IO-Link Portfolio

Completely integrated in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

IO-Link componets

IO-Link in substations and IO-Link on the field level enable communication through sensors and actuators on the last steps to the process.
Only the seamless integration in the automation concept Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) shows the full potential of the communication standard in substations as well as on the field level.

It enables simple, consistent, and open engineering. Comfortable parameterization and diagnosis are made possible through freely available modules of SIMATIC. Pre-integrating Siemens devices into SIMATIC HMI eases commissioning and operation.

The deployment of smart Siemens devices and IO-Link on the field level raises quantity and quality of usable information and thereby enables fast intervention in case of incidents.

In addition to this, it makes the integration into the energy management easier and speeds up the commissioning of actuators, sensors, and switchgear.
Plant availability is improved by preventive maintenance. Diagnosis down to the field level in the entire plant as well as fast troubleshooting reduces downtime.

SIRIUS Industrial Controls

IO-Link für Industrielle Schalttechnik

SIRIUS compact starters, load feeders and overload relays with IO-Link connection meet the communication demands and offer new possibilities for the integration of actuators into the automation network..

SIMATIC ET 200 IO-Link Master

SIMATIC ET200 IO Link Master

The distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200 integrates the quick and easy IO-Link communication of sensors and actuators into the established fieldbus systems PROFIBUS and PROFINET – and thus into Totally Integrated Automation with two master modules

IO-Link I/O Modules

I/O modules for IO Link

The compatibility of IO-Link also permits the connection of standard sensor/actuator technology.This is done particularly economically with the IO-Link I/O modules that permit the simultaneous connection of several sensors/actuators to the controller over one cable.



The new RFID system SIMATIC RF 200 IO-Link has been designed for simple identification tasks, such as the reading of identification numbers or any user data. The devices can be used in small assembly lines or in production logistics and intralogistics.

Software - Port Configuration and Function Blocks

Software for IO Link engineering

Standardized and efficient Engineering and visualization of diagnostic information due to integration into Software tools.