Customized to meet industry requirements

Siemens' industrial communication relies on Industrial Ethernet and comprises everything that you need to realize highly efficient industrial networks and bus systems: Powerful, future-proof network components for reliable use in harsh industrial environments, a cabling system for fast assembly on site, high-speed redundancy for failure safety, and an alarm concept for continuous monitoring of network components.

In addition, with TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), Siemens is using the superpower in Industrial Ethernet – with PROFINET at the field level and OPC UA at the control and operator level.

Your advantages with TSN: Reserved bandwidths, quality-of-service mechanisms, low transfer latency and simultaneous transfer of multiple protocols which can also have real-time capability.

Industrial Ethernet Switches / Media Converters

Always have the right Industrial Ethernet Switch and the right media converter to hand: the SCALANCE X by Siemens.

Network Security

A core component of the Defense in Depth strategy and realized with Industrial Security hardware and software components.

Network Management and Diagnostics

Monitor and manage your industrial networks from a central location with powerful hardware and software products.

Industrial IoT Gateway

The IIoT Gateway SIMATIC CloudConnect 7 reads data of S7-based devices and transfers them to different Cloud platforms such as: MindSphere.

System Interfacing

Flexible use and simple to integrate in the system environment: The communication processors for SIMATIC provide the best connections.

Cabling Technology

Fault-free and simple local assembly - with FastConnect, the sophisticated quick-assembly system by Siemens.

Network Transitions

Our links, controllers and PCs guarantee continuous communication - for all industrial automation processes.