XHQ for Operations Intelligence

Operations personnel throughout all levels of a manufacturing organization typically struggle to pull together a complete, timely picture of a situation. Like missing pieces of a puzzle, critical information is often scattered throughout a variety of databases, enterprise applications and operational systems in a wide range of formats with a confusing mix of unrelated contexts. If this information does come together in a meaningful way, it is often in a periodic report that is produced long after the opportunity to react to the information has passed.

XHQ Operations Intelligence product line aggregates, relates and presents operational and business data in real-time to improve enterprise performance. Through XHQ, you have a single coherent view of information, enabling a variety of solutions in real-time performance management and decision support. XHQ extracts data from a variety of information sources - ERP, data warehouse, production databases, document management systems, process historians, and manufacturing automation - all with equal facility and ease.

Through XHQ, Operations Intelligence solutions can be built that delivers real-time, actionable views. XHQ solutions put these views directly into your hands, engaging operations in decisions that directly impact the business. Although the specific applications areas and benefits realized from such solutions vary from customer to customer, documented ROI has been shown at an end user implementing XHQ as the platform for a reliability-focused maintenance program at a refinery facility.

Introduction to XHQ