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Siemens Digital Industries Conference 2018

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XHQ Operations Intelligence

Real-time solutions for intelligent decisions


Better information, Better results

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Rapid decision-making for operations excellence

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XHQ - Improving enterprise performance through operations intelligence solutions

With XHQ, discover what secrets your data can reveal:

  • Empowered decisions based on up-to-the-minute information

  • Efficient resource management that enables cost savings

  • Transparency to increase asset performance through optimized monitoring

XHQ Operations Intelligence product line aggregates, relates and presents operational and business data in real-time to improve enterprise performance. Through XHQ, you have a single coherent view of information, enabling a variety of solutions in real-time performance management and decision support.

XHQ Operations Intelligence - What secrets can your data reveal?

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Solutions for your industry

Learn how XHQ helps business and production personnel to deliver Operational Excellence

XHQ for Batch Production Process Industries’

XHQ for the Continuous Process Industries

XHQ for Oil & Gas Upstream

Batch processes play an integral role in the chemical industry, which is often characterized by the need for versatility in the form of diverse product lines to meet constantly changing market needs.

 XHQ for Batch Production Process Industries’

How do you aggregate, relate and present all of the combined operational and business data needed by a large user population in a useful format and in real time?

 XHQ for the Continuous Process Industries

XHQ delivers insight and facilitates tactical, operational and strategic upstream operations decision-making.

 XHQ for Oil & Gas Upstream

Examples of successful projects – a selection of references

Governance for Excellence

Operational excellence can mean many different things to different companies. To the Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Bapco), it means improving the performance of refinery operations and then sustaining that performance for many years to come. One key tool in meeting these goals is XHQ Operations Intelligence, which helps Bapco improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline its operational governance.

New ‘VOIS’ for South Korea’s oil and gas giant

SK Energy, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the Asia-Pacific region, is continuing to expand on a global scale. As part of the company’s multi-million-USD strategic plans to boost productivity and operational efficiency, the company recently installed a comprehensive Visualized Operations Intelligence System (VOIS) at its principal refinery and production complex at Ulsan, based on Siemens’ XHQ.

Increased efficiency and maximized profits

Learn how PM Lucas benefit from XHQ for Oil & Gas applications