What is Operations Intelligence?

"Operations Intelligence" (OI) refers to an important class of information technology that enables better decision-making and improved business performance based on the ready availability of real time status and performance metrics throughout the organization. 
OI typically applies to production, planning and asset management activities but can also be applied to the internal supply chain, marketing and logistics. Typical objectives of OI are to achieve higher levels of production against assets, reduce the cost of production and, ultimately, improve the bottom line.

An OI platform aggregates, relates and presents operational and business data in real time. It does so in a manner that is intuitive and useful for every individual who plays a role in delivering business results. It can be applied initially to an individual site, and evolved to include all sites, divisions, regions and the overall enterprise.

To better understand Operations Intelligence, it is useful to contrast it with Business Intelligence (BI). BI involves the gathering and analysis of historical data that helps enterprise business analysts achieve insights for medium and long-term planning. BI traditionally serves Financial, CRM and Supply Chain activities. BI analytics and reports tend to be strategic in nature and do not require quick action.

By contrast, OI focuses on the day-to-day activities of the production processes. It answers questions such as: How am I doing against objectives? How are we doing collectively? What should we do in this situation, given these current conditions?

Monitoring Performance

There are many approaches to monitoring enterprise performance. One approach is to generate reports consisting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards derived from high level planning objectives. But the utility of such measurements are often diminished because they do not typically reveal the underlying root causes of variances.

With a real time Operations Intelligence solution, XHQ provides you with an integrated set of performance metrics which are also made available at all levels of the business. These metrics are updated in real time, making adverse trends and variances known and allowing these deviations to be compensated for prior to any serious impact on the organization's overall objectives. Anyone with proper authorization can easily drill down from the business's overall performance metrics to reveal the contribution of any of the constituent activities driving the metrics.

XHQ provides you with a common and meaningful view of performance throughout your organization. This sets the stage for better operations visibility and dramatic improvements

Maintenance Risk Management

This demo shows a combined solution for better maintenance decisions while taking into consideration risk management. With XHQ, COMOS MRO and COMOS Walkinside, discover real-time status alerts and KPIs, visualize equipment to better understand risk factors, and take action to initiate work orders - all in the same solution.