From single-user system to web-based solution for all technologies and industries:

To be able to meet growing requirements, the visualization must be expandable at any time without causing technology incompatibilities or requiring completely new configurations.
Investment protection is a top priority.
SIMATIC WinCC provides the required integrated scalability, from the small single-user solution to the client/server solution and operator stations on the web. Redundancy solutions for highest availability and security can be built up as well.
In addition to scalable configurations, WinCC options and AddOns offer customer-fit extensions for technological and industry specific solutions.

Client-Server solutions

Depending on requirements, a WinCC single-user system can be expanded into a high-performance client/server system.  In this way, several coordinated operator control and monitoring stations can be operated together with networked automation systems.

Redundant server solutions

The WinCC/Redundancy option gives the user the opportunity to increase the system availability by means of redundant WinCC stations or servers that monitor each other and, therefore, ensure the operability of the plant and allow seamless data acquisition.

Web solutions

WinCC/WebUX offers flexible operator control and monitoring of plant processes via the Internet or an intranet, especially using mobile devices (tablet PCs or smartphones). All devices with HTML5-capable browser are supported.

WinCC/WebNavigator allows integrated operator control and monitoring of plants via the Internet or intranet without having to make changes to the WinCC project. Thin client solutions support the use of PCs and even rugged on-site devices and mobile PDAs.

Web-based Reporting

SIMATIC Information Server  supports the creation of target group-oriented reports and analyses of historical WinCC and Process Historian data on the basis of Microsoft Reporting Services.

Process Historian

The SIMATIC Process Historian archives any amount of data from different data sources of automation and the MES world and is the central long-term archive for production data.

The SIMATIC Information Server offers web-based access to data from production and the SIMATIC Process Historian; it is used at all levels of the automation pyramid.

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