Using standards for easy integration

SIMATIC WinCC all times stands for a high level of openness and integration capability because it is consequently based on standard technologies and software tools.
Starting with its first version it relies on the market leader in the operating system area, which offers additionally investment security. Using WinCC RT Professional (in TIA Portal), you benefit from the powerful SQL Server, integrated within the basis system. Moreover, it supports open interfaces to automatize the engineering as well as to merge automation and IT-World during runtime.

Extensions of the runtime system

Using WinCC it is possible to realize connections and dynamic sequences without programming only by the use of standard dialogues. To realize more complex functions it is possible at any time to write scripts using VB or ANSI-C. Examples for such scripts are the conversion of values or the automatic start of reports or of individual messages.

When programming VB scripts you are supported by the use of a proprietary, comfortable editor with debugging support.
When using scripts you have full access to the properties of all WinCC graphical objects and to the controls as well as to the object model of WinCC and the applications of other manufacturers.

Bidirectional flow of information from shop floor to top floor

WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge is the flexible information hub between automation and the IT world. It reduces the complexity of interfaces and data formats.

Cross vendor communication using OPC (OLE for Process Control)

OPC is used as a communication standard for a secure and authentic data exchange between applications within the industrial automation environment. It describes a series of specifications which are used manufacturer independent as an interface between different clients and servers as well as between different servers only. These include amongst other topics direct access to real-time data, the monitoring of messages and events as well as access to historical data.

Originally the OPC standard only was available on Windows operating systems. This standard was developed from OLE (Object linking and embedding) for Process Control. The new OPC UA spec which was introduced in 2009 describes a real universal connection. This standard is based on a secure, simple technology-independent platform which is future-assured and scalable as well as expandable for all challenges of the different company levels.

SIMATIC WinCC RT Professional offers by default:

OPC UA (DE,HA) Server 1.02

OPC DA Server

OPC UA DA Client 1.02

OPC DA Client

OPC HDA 1.20-Server (Historical Data Access)

OPC A&E 1.10-Server

WinCC OLE-DB Provider

Automatic creation of visualizations

SIMATIC Visualization Architect allows the automatic generation and creation of the visualization based on the program code of the controller and corresponding visualization objects as part of the comprehensive library concepts.
 SiVArc perfectly matches the requirements of system integrators and machine builders who want to conveniently, quickly and flexibly create an HMI solution automatically on TIA Portal.