Scalability for every quantitiy structure

SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional is available as a basic software package with a maximum of PowerTags. PowerTags are data points that are connected to controllers or other data sources via a WinCC Runtime Professional channel.
Up to 32 alarms can be obtained from one data point. Moreover, internal tags without coupling are available for additional system performance.

Powerpacks to increase the number of tags are available to provide scalability of the basic package.

Owners of a V15 license can update their program version to V15.1 free of charge

The table below shows the available licenses of the basic packages.
Each basic package offers a free WebUX Monitor Client and 500 archive tags regardless of the number of power tags.

SIMATIC WinCC RT Professional V15.1

Article No.

Basic Package (Software for Download)

Basic Package (Software on DVD)

Software Update Service (SUS)

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  • Upgrades

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Archive licenses
WinCC Runtime Professional also contains 500 archive tags. Additional archive licenses can be obtained for greater quantity structures.

Web Monitoring and Operate licenses

A free WebUX Monitoring client is part of the WinCC RT Professional basic package. Further Monitoring Clients as well as licenses for Operate clients can be obtained separately.

Licenses for a multi-user configuration
The system software with the required number of PowerTags and additionally a "WinCC Server for Runtime Professional" license must be installed on the server. Each client needs a  "WinCC Client for Runtime Professional" license.

More information
The constant development of SIMATIC software makes sure that all automation components are integrated at the latest levels.
Get yourself informed about topics like Software Update Service, types of licenses, Online Software Delivery and the administration of your licenses by using the Automation License Manager.

The system solution for efficient production

SCADA IPC Packages

SIMATIC WinCC RT Professional and SIMATIC Industrial PCs form a high-performance and flexible platform for the acquisisition, evaluation and visualization of data. Thus you rely on a coordinated development and integrated end-to-end functionality of hardware and software, which pays off over the entire life cycle.