Panel Runtime Functions based on WinCC (TIA Portal)

The integrated runtime modules of Basic and Comfort Panels

With SIMATIC HMI operator devices, the runtime software is on-board and, depending on the equipments hardware, this gives you different HMI functionality and performance profiles.
Industry-standard HMI functions are part of the basic equipment  of the system:

  • Operating the machine or plant via an individually configurable operator interface, e.g. with buttons, switches, and sliders

  • Visualization of the process sequences and statuses with dynamizable graphics, bar graphs, and gauges

  • Reporting and acknowledging of events

  • Logging of measured values and alarms

  • Reporting of current process data and recorded log data

  • Administration of users and their access rights

Runtime functionality of SIMATIC HMI Panels

The Runtime modules of the SIMATIC HMI operator devices offer HMI-functionality according to the classes of the panels.
Basic Panels offer basic functionality and limited quantity frameworks for most of the functions, while Comfort Panels as well as Mobile Panels support an advanced range of functions and extended quantity frameworks.

Overview Runtime Functionality

Functions and elements available with SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels

Functions and elements available with SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels