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Administration of data records in recipes


Recipes are a collection of data that belongs together, e.g. machine parameter settings or production data. A recipe has a fixed data structure. The recipe structure is defined during configuration. A recipe contains recipe data records. These differ in terms of their values, but not their structure.


  • Simple transmission of recipes to the controller

  • Clear tabular display of the data elements

  • Display in technological contexts across several process pictures

  • Export/import of data records for further processing with other tools (e.g. MS Excel)


For SIMATIC Panels and WinCC Advanced RT, recipes are saved on the HMI device or on an external storage medium.
For WinCC Professional RT, they are saved in an SQL database.

The various data records for the recipes can be created as early as the engineering phase of the project. This means that they are available directly after the transfer of the configuration in Runtime. This data can function as the initial basis for an optimization during runtime or it even can be the result of such a process. During operation, the data records can be conveniently created, deleted, or modified across different views. In addition, recipe data can be imported into or exported from Runtime.

In addition to the option of using recipe data exported from the HMI device on other HMI devices, it can also be re-imported into engineering. This data can then either be logged with the project or reused for other projects.

Configurable screen objects are used for displaying andmanaging the data at runtime. If necessary, the individual data record elements can also be displayed directly as standard input/output fields across several process pictures. In this way, the data in technological views can be presented clearly to the operator.

Recipes can be used in the following situations:

  • Manual production
    The desired recipe data is selected and displayed on the HMI device. The data can be modified and saved on the HMI device as needed. The recipe data is then transferred to the controller.

  • Automatic production
    The control program initiates the transfer of the recipe data between the PLC and HMI device. The transfer can also be started from the HMI device. Production is thus implemented adapted. It is not essential to display or modify the data.

  • Teach-In mode
    Production data is optimized manually on the system, e.g. axis positions or filling volumes. The values thus determined are transferred to the HMI device and saved in a recipe data record. You can then transfer the saved recipe data back to the controller at a later date..


  • For WinCC Runtime Advanced  a license is required for every operator station

  • For WinCC Runtime Professional you need a license for the server

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