SIMATIC WinCC Logging (TIA Portal)

Logging of process values and alarms


Logging process data and alarms with WinCC Logging supports the acquisition and processing of process data from an industrial plant or machine. An evaluation of the logged process data then provides information on the operating status during the industrial process (production, processing, process etc.).

Process sequences can be documented, the capacity utilization or the production quality can be monitored or recurring fault conditions can be logged.


  • Early detection of danger and fault conditions

  • Avoidance of downtimes by means of predictive diagnostics

  • Increase in product quality and productivity due to regular evaluation of log


Logging of process data
The values from external and internal tags can be saved in process data logs. You can individually specify the log in which each tag will be saved. Configured logging cycles are used to ensure continuous acquisition and storage of the tag values.
In addition, data logging can also be triggered by events, e.g.when a value changes. These settings can be made for each tag individually.

Alarm logging
WinCC Logging also lets you log alarms and document operational states and error states of the industrial plant. All alarms of an alarm class are stored in the same alarm log, enabling you in principle to assign the same log to several alarm classes. Alarms can be logged automatically or managed by an operator.

The following log variants are available:

  • Short term archive

  • Segmented short term archive

  • Short term archive with level-dependent system alarm 1)

  • Short term archive which executes system functions when it is full 1)

Trend views
A configurable trend view can be used to display and analyze logged process values when configuring the screens. Reading of the values is facilitated by a read line.

The following licenses are available:

  • SIMATIC WinCC Logging for Runtime Advanced

  • SIMATIC WinCC Logging for Runtime Professional 1500 LoggingTags 2)

  • SIMATIC WinCC Logging for Runtime Professional 5000 LoggingTags 2)

1) Not for WinCC Runtime Professional
2) Licenses may be added, the total number of Logging Tags increases by the respective number

Software and Licenses

Article No.:

WinCC Logging for WinCC RT Advanced

WinCC Logging for WinCC RT Professional



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