SIMATIC WinCC DataMonitor (TIA Portal)

Visualizing processes, analyzing and distributing data


The WinCC/DataMonitor is used for displaying, analyzing, evaluating and distributing current process states, historical data and messages.

With the DataMonitor, WinCC process data can thus be made available to all function levels of a company via the web

Please use the SIMATIC Information Server for new plants
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  • Display and analysis of current process states and historical data on office PCs with standard tools such as the MS Internet Explorer or MS Excel

  • Integration of WinCC process pictures without additional configuration

  • Process information can be compiled online during runtime

  • Generating event-driven or time-driven reports and forwarding by email

  • Integrated user administration with individual access authorizations


Display and analysis of current process states and historical data (measured values, messages, user data) on any office PC. The data provider, a WinCC/WebNavigator or a WinCC/DataMonitor server can be installed on any WinCC single-user system, server or client.

The WinCC/DataMonitor offers Internet-capable tools, which support all conventional security mechanisms such as login/password, firewalls, encryption, etc.:

  • Process Screens
    Monitoring and navigating using WinCC process screens with MS Internet Explorer as so-called "View Only Client". The mechanisms of WinCC/Web Navigator are used.

  • Trends & Alarms
    Display and analysis of archived WinCC process values and alarms. Predefined webpages are linked to WinCC archive data (measured values or messages) for this purpose. The report data can be exported to a CSV file.

  • Excel Workbooks
    Messages, current or archived process values are transferred to an Excel table with the help of a wizard. The Excel workbooks can be published, made available on the intranet/Internet or used as a template for automated reports (published reports).

  • Published Reports
    Generation of time-driven or event-driven reports as Excel file or PDF and forwarding by email, if required.

  • WebCenter
    Central information portal for access to WinCC data via the intranet or Internet. Any data views and WinCC process pictures can be compiled for different groups of persons. This means data can be analyzed and exported over different periods of time. It is also possible to connect or disconnect outsourced archives.


  • A (server-based) license is required for the WinCC DataMonitor. This is a graduated license based on the number of simultaneous Web client accesses, which can be incremented at any time using additive Web client licenses. (countable licenses)

  • The DataMonitor client software can be installed as many times as required without the need for a license.

Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC DataMonitor for WinCC RT Professional V14 (or later) and WinCC V7.4

WinCC DataMonitor for WinCC RT Professional up to V13

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