HMI Engineering redefined

SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) is part of a comprehensive, integrated engineering concept which offers a uniform engineering environment for programming and configuration of control, visualization drive solutions and motor management. This engineering framework is a milestone in software development and represents the consistent further development of the TIA concept.

WinCC in the TIA Portal is the software for all HMI applications ranging from the simplest operation solutions with Basic Panels to SCADA applications on PC-based multi-user systems. The range of solutions is thus increased significantly compared to the predecessor product, SIMATIC WinCC flexible.

SIMATIC WinCC V7 is still available for more complex applications with Plant Intelligence solutions or redundant architectures, while WinCC Open Architecture addresses solutions with highly customer-specific adaptation requirements, including on non-Windows platforms.


  • Innovative configuration interface based on the latest software technologies

  • Comprehensive library concept for user-definable objects and faceplates

  • Intelligent tools for graphical configuration and mass data handling

Design and functions

Compared to WinCC flexible, which has set the standards in engineering for years, configuration efficiency has been further increased, particularly if further TIA components such as the SIMATIC S7 Controller are part of the automation solution. The perfect interaction with STEP 7 in the TIA Portal prevents multiple entries and guarantees consistent data managementat all times. The engineering framework into which the software products are integrated standardizes all shared functions – also in their on-screen representation.

User benefits range from intuitive operation through the editors' integrated intelligence to the advantages of a shared database, which ensures highest transparency and absolute consistency. Reusability saves engineering effort and simultaneously increases the quality of the solution. Reusability extends to acquired knowledge in using the software just as much as it does to existing engineering blocks that have been developed and tested. A comprehensive library concept makes them available for new projects, no matter whether they are single operator controls or entire visualization solutions.

Perfect interaction in the engineering framework
The design of the software editors in the TIA Portal is based on a shared layout and shared navigation concept. The configuration of the hardware, logic programming, parameterization of a frequency converter, or the design of an HMI screen - each environment has the same editor design, which is specifically designed for intuitive use to save time and costs. Functions, properties, and libraries are automatically displayed in their most intuitive view depending on the desired activity.

Intelligent tools for efficient configuration
Time-saving configuration means: delegating tasks. SIMATIC WinCC supports the project engineer with wizards for routine tasks and a lot of sophisticated tools and functions that ensure excellent results in shortest realization time.

Configuring with libraries and faceplates
The library concept of the TIA Portal is not limited to the supplied program blocks or faceplates. With the TIA Portal, the user can create his own libraries of many various parts of the engineering objects, which can be easily reused. This allows, for example, complete configurations of various machines and plants to be centrally saved on one server. Fully developed components, tried and tested project data and projects from earlier versions can be reused at any time. Established engineering quality is transferred from the first tested program to all future projects.

Engineering – Multilingual, expandable, and future-proof
Whether customer specific scripts have to be integrated or multilingual applications have to be configured, whether WinCC flexible projects have to be migrated or Texts and mass-data have to imported or exported, in all these cases the WinCC Engineering Software proofs to be open, flexible and future-proof.