TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC)

Global user administration for increasing plant security

Efficient user management is a key part of every security concept. User management in the TIA Portal enables system-wide, central maintenance of users, including an optional connection to
Windows Active Directories. The person-specific assignment of roles and authorizations minimizes maintenance effort while achieving a high degree of transparency. This provides a solid foundation for efficient and consistent administration of personalized access rights in the plant, which significantly reduces security risks.

The TIA User Management Component (UMC) option provided with TIA Portal V15 offers the possibility of global user administration. Users and user groups can be defined and managed across projects. Users and user groups can also be taken from a Microsoft Active Directory.

Global users and user groups can be imported into the various TIA Portal projects in which these users will work. These user accounts are defined and managed outside the TIA Portal in UMC (User Management Component). To add users and user groups from UMC, the corresponding rights are required in UMC.


TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC) offers:

  • Central. cross-project user management in the system

  • Managing user groups

  • Import of Windows users and user groups

  • Efficient administration of users / user groups in a system

  • Fault tolerance through redundant design of a UMC domain

  • Load distribution of login request surges by means of several UMC stations in a UMC domain


  • The software is already included in the scope of delivery of your TIA Portal product (STEP 7, WinCC).

  • The User Management Component is available as a rental license for 365 days, the corresponding Certificate of license can be downloaded.


Article No.

TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC) V1
Rental License for  4000 users and 365 days
Certificate of License for download