Machine and plant diagnostics for increased availability

SIMATIC ProDiag is the fully-integrated TIA solution for machine and plant diagnostics. It saves the need for programming diagnostics in the CPU during the engineering phase and provides support for troubleshooting on the HMI. ProDiag makes it possible to monitor a machine or plant and to intervene in the event of a fault.

Videopresentation of SIMATIC ProDiag

The monitoring messages which can be generated for the various faults provide specific information on the monitoring mode, location and cause of the fault. Information on troubleshooting can be provided in addition. Plant operators can then not only recognize faults, they can also identify any potential danger in advance and take appropriate countermeasures.


  • Automatic code generation in the CPU

  • Data consistency guaranteed

  • Message texts are derived automatically from the information existing in the project

  • Simple visualization on the HMI by means of prepared controls

  • Non-interactive, i.e. the monitoring operations are defined independently of the user program

Area of application

  • For all S7-1500 CPU and ET 200SP CPUs with FW V2.0 or higher

  • For standard, failsafe and know-how-protected blocks

  • Supported  HMI-systems: Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels 2nd Generation, as well as the PC-based Runtime Systems WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional.


  • Central, cycle-exact time stamping of the fault messages

  • Automatic generation of the monitoring logic and message calls

  • Automatic updating of the SIMATIC HMI when changing the message configuration for 3 languages

  • HMI systems do not have to exit runtime mode in the event of changes, in other words, automatic update of operator stations

  • Directly available in the language editors LAD, FBD, SCL and STL

  • Monitoring can be parameterized at a later date on F blocks and know-how-protected blocks

  • Central definition of message structure for the project

  • Support for different monitoring types, including lock monitoring and position monitoring.

  • Independent of language editors / program code


  • The Runtime license for controllers comprises 250 or an unlimited number of supervisions related to one CPU.
    The software runs on S7-1500/ET 200SP CPUs from FW 2.0 independently from the TIA Portal version

  • The controls for the visualization of the alarms are licensed according to the HMI runtime platform


Article No.

Runtime software for Controllers (S7-1500 /ET 200SP)

Controls for SIMATIC HMI

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