Efficient error analysis, fast commissioning and reduced downtimes


System diagnostics is an integral part of STEP 7 and does not require an additional licence.
No manual configuration of the system diagnostics is required in the engineering phase. Configuration of the diagnostics is integrated in the system in a user-friendly way and activated with just one click. When new hardware components are introduced, the diagnostic information is updated automatically via the engineering system (HWCN).
System diagnostics outputs all relevant information on existing errors in the system. This information is packaged automatically in messages containing the following elements:

  • Module

  • Message text

  • Message status

Efficient error analysis and rapid error localisation with the new uniform display concept are available for S7-1500 controllers. The new uniform display concept enables identical visualisation of error messages in the TIA Portal, on HML, on the Web server and on the display of the new S7-1500 CPU as plain text information.

Benefits of integrated system diagnostics:

  • No programming of system diagnostics required

  • Rapid error localisation

  • Automatic updating of system diagnostics if hardware configuration is changed

  • Transparent status messages for controllers, peripherals and drives (Motion Control messages)

  • System diagnostics is activated as standard for Simatic S7-1500 controllers

  • System diagnostics is also available in operating mode STOP for S7-1500 controllers


The real-time trace function for the new SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers enables precise diagnosis and optimisation for all user programs. Sporadic events can be easily identified in the system during the commissioning and service phases by visualising the entire process with the real-time trace.

Trace functionality offers:

  • Recording of up to 16 different signals

  • Up to 4 independent trace jobs at the same time

  • Various trigger options

  • Two windows: Analogue and binary signals (logic analyser)

  • Versatile zoom, cursor measuring functions

  • Export of measurements (e.g. for user-specific processing)


STEP 7 (TIA Portal) supports numerous online functions

  • With just one click online: Display of operating status, diagnostic overview in project tree and online/offline comparison on block level

  • Rapid transmission of all changes in the program with consistent download

  • Offline/offline – project comparison

  • Download in RUN

  • Upload of hardware configuration from existing controllers – hardware detect

  • Complete software project upload to empty PG

  • Rapid service without existing project (with hardware detect and software upload)