The most comprehensive engineering software for demanding controller tasks

STEP 7 Professional – the ultimate engineering tool for configuration and programming for all SIMATIC controllers.

STEP 7 (TIA-Portal) helps you solve your engineering tasks intuitively and efficiently. Due to its integration into the TIA Portal STEP 7 offers impressive performance in every work and programming step thanks to its transparency, intelligent user navigation and straightforward workflows.
Functions such as drag & drop, copy & paste and AutoCompletion make work much quicker and easier.


The engineering of controllers with STEP 7 Professional comprises:

  • PLC Programming:
    Configuration and programming of SIMATIC controllers S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, the
    S7-1500 Software controller as well as WinAC for PC-based controllers

  • Device and network configuration
    for all automation components

  • Diagnostics and online
    for the entire project

  • Motion and technology
    for the integrated Motion and PID functions

  • Visualization
    SIMATIC WinCC Basic is also included here for simple visualization tasks with SIMATIC Basic Panels.


STEP 7 (TIA Portal) - the ideal engineering system for every phase of the production life cycle enables:

  • Reduced engineering times
    thanks to innovative programming language innovations, integrated functions and graphical configuration

  • Fast commissioning
    with efficient error localization thanks to integrated system diagnostics, real-time trace and high-performance online functions

  • Short downtimes
    thanks to easy remote maintenance and diagnostics with Web server and teleservice

  • Investment security
    with reusable components, libraries and compatibility


STEP 7 Professional und die neuen SIMATIC Controllergenerationen bieten eine Vielzahl innovativer Features und integrierter Funktionalitäten:

  • Innovative programming language innovations:
    Effiziente Efficient programming editors that can be easily switched from one editor to another, and consistent symbols throughout the frameworkic programming

  • Easy-to-use online functions
    Hardware detect, software upload, block expansion during ongoing running operation, S7-1500 (PLCSim) simulation, download in RUN

  • Integrated system diagnostics
    Uniform display concept for STEP 7, CPU display, Web server and HMI without configuration outlaytime, up to 4 real-time traces

  • Integrated technology
    Technology objects for sequences of movements and PID control functions

  • Safety Integrated
    One engineering for standard-based and safety-based tasks. Same operating concept , editors and diagnostics as with standard programs (STEP 7 Safety option needed)

  • Multi-level Security
    Integrated functions for project and system protection: Know-how protection, copy protection, 4-level unwanted access protection and manipulation protection.