SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)


Motion and technology - Fast access to technology objects

The portal for Motion & Technology enables fast access to technology objects – Motion Control, PID controller and high speed counter

Motion Control for S7-1500

The scalable and flexible motion functionality integrated in the Simatic S7-1500 supports the control of centrally or decentrally connected drives (analogue and digital).
PLCopen blocks are available for programming.
Motion Control technology objects (TO) can be used for programming typical sequences of movements and for testing and reusing them as often as desired. In addition to the control tasks, technology objects include the communication to the converter and its parameter assignment. This means Motion Control contributes significantly to reduce engineering and maintenance time.

Motion Control functionality supported for S7-1500 controllers

  • Positioning (absolute and relative)

  • Speed control

  • Referencing

  • Support for absolute encoders

For the Engineering of Motion Control Tasks with the older PLC generations please use the Option Software Package  Easy Motion Control

High speed counter – for S7-1500 controllers

for configuration, commissioning and diagnostics for counter applications.

Setting and checking of:

  • Counter behaviour and limits

  • Comparative values and results

  • Control and feedback bits

For use with various TM Count / TM PosInput modules:

  • Counter modules with numerous functions

  • Precision control of counter functions with onboard DI

  • Rapid response to events with onboard DQ

  • Measurement functions for frequency, period duration, speed

  • 24V counter inputs for tracks A, B, N

  • 5 V differential signal inputs (RS422) A, B, N

  • 2 or 3 digital inputs; 2 digital outputs with 24V

Integrated PID control – for all SIMATIC controllers

The following functions are available in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for producing continuous, discrete (pulse width modulation) and step controllers and for easy commissioning thanks to automatic controller setting:

  • PID Compact  (S7-1200/1500)
    continuous PID controller with analogue or pulse width-modulated output and automatic tuning

  • PID 3-Step (S7-1200/1500)
    special step controller for integrating actuators (e.g. valves) with automatic tuning

  • PID basic functions (S7-1500, S7-300/400, WinAC)
    Straightforward PID statement for continuous or discrete control tasks (CONT_C, CONT_S,…)

For the Engineering of more complex PID controllers with the older PLC generations please use the Option Software Package PID Professional