SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety (TIA Portal)

Option for seamless safety integration

All configuration and programming tools required for generating a safety-oriented program are integrated into the STEP 7 user interface and use a common project structure. Using the SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Basic or STEP 7 Safety Advanced (TIA Portal) option, you can exploit all the advantages of the TIA Portal for your fail-safe automation as well.

  • Intuitive operation and the same operating concept as for the generation of standard programs permit a quick entry into the generation of fail-safe programs

  • The same configuration of the F-system as for the standard automation system

  • Ready-to-start: F-runtime group is set up automatically on insertion of the F-CPU

  • Creation of the safety program in the FBD or LAD programming languages

  • Thanks to the integrated library with TÜV-certified function blocks, safety functions can easily be implemented

  • In connection with special signatures for the device parameters, the library concept supports in-house standardization and simplifies the validation of safety-oriented applications

  • The Safety Administration Editor provides central support for the administration, display and modification of safety related parameters

  • Standardized and integrated identification of safety-related resources simplify the overview.

STEP 7 Safety Advanced is the seamless integration of safety into the TIA Portal.
Safety-oriented programs can, however,still be generated using STEP 7 and Distributed Safety. Programs created with STEP 7 Distributed Safety can be migrated into the TIA Portal at any time. Both engineering tools offer commands, operations and blocks for safety-related programs in the LAD and FBD languages.To this end, there is a library with pre-prepared, TÜV acceptedblocks for safety-related functions. You do not need additional engineering expertise, because the programming is done in the traditional STEP 7 environment.


  • Performance increases due to optimized compiler

  • F-OB for
    - Automatic "call" of the F-program "Main Safety„
    - Timing settings and watchdogs

  • No-DIL switch support

  • Simplified setting of F-monitoring time

  • Simplified acceptance printout

  • Functional signature

  • New safety concept for F-applications through flexible
    password and protection level concept

Error detection functions and safety checks when generating the safety program are also supported, as is the comparison of safety programs. Apart from the safety program, a standard program can also be run on the same CPU.


  • The engineering software can be installed on as many computers as you like.The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time. (Floating License)

  • STEP 7 Safety Basic is a subset of STEP 7 Safety Advanced for programming the failsafe Basic Controllers S7-1200 F. A STEP 7 Safety Basic license can be upgraded via Powerpacks.

  • Combo licenses allow programming with the predecessor software S7 Distributed Safety as well as  with STEP 7 Safety Advanced

  • There is an offer to upgrade to a combo license for the latest version of S7 Distributed Safety

  • You can order Software Update Service contracts for STEP 7 Safety Basic as well as STEP 7 Safety Advanced

Software and licenses

Article No.:

STEP 7 Safety Basic V15

STEP 7 Safety Advanced V15

Upgrades STEP 7 Safety Basic

Upgrades STEP 7 Safety Advanced


Upgrades Distributed Safety

Software Update Services (SUS)

You can find more information about SIMATIC licenses, the Software Update Service, the topic Online Software Delivery and how you get supported by the tools Automation License Manager and SUS Manager at: