PID Professional (TIA Portal)

Implementing simple to highly complex PID controllers

With the PID Professional software package it is possible to use the proven controller solutions from Modular PID Control and Standard PID Control in the TIA Portal. PID Professional (TIA Portal) is designed for use with SIMATIC S7-300 (CPU 313 or higher), S7-400 and WinAC.
The Software is part of STEP 7 Professional (V13 or higher), licensing is required for Enginerring and Runtime of the function blocks.

For SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs PID Professional is not required, the corresponding technology objects are seamlessly integrated in the controllers firmware according to the Technology Integrated concept of the latest hardware generation.

Area of Application

PID Professional (TIA Portal) permits the simple integration of continuous PID controllers, pulse controllers and step controllers in the application program, it is used when implementing simple to highly complex PID controllers. By interconnecting the supplied standard function blocks almost any control structure can be implemented


  • Reduces engineering costs thanks to time-saving parameterization and optimization of the controller

  • Simple startup for users

Design and Function

The parameterization tool fits seamlessly into STEP 7 (TIA Portal). It provides the following functions

  • Commissioning screens
    The commissioning software includes screens for commissioning of Modular and Standard PID Control.

  • Working with trend display
    The trend display provides a graphical representation of reference value, actual value and control value over the time. The values of the trend display are updated in the preselected update interval. This is of particular use for the proof of the process quality and supports error diagnostics.

  • Wizard to optimize closed-loop control loops
    Closed-loop controllers can be optimized by the PID Self-Tuner and commissioned with the easy-to-use wizard without specialist closed-loop control know-how.

  • Variable transient response for the continuous PID controller
    The transient response of the control loop can be preselected such, that it settles with approx. 10 % overshoot and thus gains dynamics. If this is not desired, a deadbeat transient response (no overshoot) can be selected.

  • Context-sensitive help system
    If required, suitable help is available at any point of the program

In the Standard PID Control software the controller structure is ready-made and the data structure is fixed. The following functions can be enabled or disabled by means of software switches:

  • Reference value processing with reference value generator, time scheduler, normalization, FC call, limitation of the reference value slope (ramp function generator) and limitation of the reference value.

  • Actual value processing with normalization, smoothing, square root, FC call, limit value monitoring and monitoring of the actual value ascent.

  • Error variable processing with dead band and limit value monitoring

  • PID Algorithm, for step controllers with and without position feedback.

  • Control value processing, with manual/automatic changeover, manual value generator, FC call, limitation of the reference value slope, control value limitation and normalization

In contrast, the controller structure of Modular PID Control is freely programmable. This extensive software block library enables you to implement a large range of controller types (e.g. change-over control, multi-variable control, etc.).


  • The engineering software can be installed on as many computers as you like.The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time. (Floating License)

  • The Engineering Software requires STEP 7 Professional, the software is part of STEP 7 Professional DVD,rsp. the program download.

  • During runtime each CPU needs its own Runtime license

Software and licenses

Article No.

SIMATIC S7 PID Professional Complete Package

SIMATIC S7 PID Professional Engineering SW

SIMATIC S7 PID Professional Runtime SW


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